Lamb lovers, are you looking for delicious lamb ribs and steaks? Look no other than the best steak house in town; Tony Roma’s! Starting from this month until August 2019, Tony Roma’s is back again with its on demand Lamb Lover’s Platter which offers a great selection of hot lamb dishes which has been introduced since year 2013 up to now.

With the newly improved version of the lamb, Tony Roma’s has brought its diners with more juicer lamb ribs which is marinated and cooked to perfection to achieve that deep, delicious smoky flavor.

The succulent Lamb Lover’s Platter (RM 158.80 nett) is suitable for sharing and best value for money consist of tender and seasoned Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Ribs with honey and plum sauce, Lamb Cevapi with pickle onion served with Crispy Potato Chips.

This platter will not be complete if it is without the Crunchy Tower (RM 18.80 nett) which combines 4 different starters; Crunchy Onion Rings, Crisp & Juicy Tomato Citrus Potato Chips, Rich & Flavorful Spicy Salted Egg Potato Chips and Fluffy Potato Tots with Sweet and Spicy Glaze.

Lamb Lover’s Platter
Crunchy Tower

Tony Roma’s also has created 2 individual sets; Grilled Lamb Shoulder (RM 85.80 nett) which offers tender and seasoned Lamb Shoulder served with Crunchy Onion Rings as the perfect side and Lamb Ribs (RM 70.80 nett) that provides an authentic taste of marinated lamb ribs flamed grilled in signature seasonings, which is then finished with reduction of honey and plum combined with fresh juice and hand-cut ginger with a side of Crunchy Onion Rings for its guest.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder
Lamb Ribs

For burgers lovers, Tony Roma’s also have not forget about you. They also offers 2 types of Lamb Burger for those who crave for one. Lamb Burger is a grilled pure Lamb patty topped with cheese, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato and filled with special sauce as well as Lamb Flatbread, a crispy flatbread topped with grilled lamb, melted Harvati cheese, crumbled blue cheese, wild mushroom, red peppers, chives and creamy horseradish sauce.

Lamb Burger
Lamb Flatbread
Strawberry Float and Sarsaparilla Float

As for beverages, Tony Roma’s has launched its first series of new beverages that comes with rich vanilla ice-cream; Strawberry Float and Sarsaparilla Float (RM 11.90 nett each).

All these are available in all Tony Roma’s outlet nationwide at anytime, including weekends and public holidays starting from 1st July – 31st Aug 2019.

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