Feed the Instagram with amazing autumn colours!

Travel is about experience, especially ones we can share with our friends through our social media platforms. British Airways’ social media expert has put together a list of destinations for social media enthusiasts to fill their Instagram feed with the most phenomenal Autumn colours.

Malaysian travellers can take advantage of British Airways’ special fares at the MATTA Fair and travel and capture the picturesque fall foliage at various destinations. The special return fares to London start from RM2,546* in World Traveller economy class. Customers will land at the airline’s state-of-the-art home London Heathrow Terminal 5, and from there they can enjoy stress-free onward connection to various cities across the UK, Europe and North America. Bookings must be made by 22 September 2017 on ba.com or at the upcoming MATTA fair for travel between 28 August 2017 and 30 June 2018.

1. Northern Ireland

Bregagh Road, Northern Ireland

Bregagh Road, Northern Ireland

There is something wonderful about a walk through Northern Ireland’s kaleidoscope of coloured forests, glens and coastlines in autumn. Branded as Game of Thrones territory, Northern Ireland is home to Seven Kingdoms’ countless filming locations. For instance, the Dark Hedges located along Bregagh Road (also known as the “King’s Road” in Game of Thrones) is a tree tunnel lined by overarching 300-year-old beech trees that reach to the skies in all their golden glory. There are also numerous Autumn Walking Festivals in the Northern Ireland where visitors can feast their eyes on nature’s gold.

Take a bus or a train from Belfast International Airport to County Antrim to reach these locations. British Airways flies non-stop eight times per day from London Heathrow to Belfast.

2. Scotland

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Autumn in Edinburgh is perfect for walks within the city as the city’s tree-lined streets and parks turn golden brown. The Princes Street Gardens in the city centre is the perfect place to snap insta-worthy shots, especially when leaves and foliage are changing into their autumn suits. Not to be missed is the picture-perfect view of Edinburgh Castle against a luscious red and brown backdrop.

For a romantic take of Edinburgh, head over to The Meadows located at the south of the city. There visitors can walk on tree-lined paths splashed in colours both above and underfoot – the perfect place to line up their Instagram.

British Airways offers a special all-inclusive fare from Kuala Lumpur to Edinburgh via London Heathrow from just RM2,918.*

3. Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The period between September and November is known by experienced travellers as the most magical time to visit Amsterdam. It is the time where the city’s landscape is covered in hues of orange and brown, while restaurants and bars lining the canals and parks bustle with people out to enjoy the crisp cool autumn air. Autumn is also when a variety of popular cultural festivals take place throughout the city.

The best way to absorb it all is to sail down Amsterdam’s canals. If you prefer to go at your own pace, find a spot in one of the city’s many parks and enjoy a leisurely afternoon people watching.

Make Amsterdam your next destination by taking advantage of British Airways’ promotional fares from London to Amsterdam starting from RM2,306.

4. Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Every season has its unique charms but there is something absolutely special about autumn in Italy. Temperature begins to drop, the colours come out in the countryside, some of the best produce of the season hits the markets; best of all, little Italian towns from Puglia to Lombardia blossom with festivals.

Visitors can take the opportunity to tour Italy’s parks and trails and enjoy the changing leaves or trysome classic Italian adventures like hiking in the Apennines in le Marche, Abruzzo or Umbria. September is the month of grape harvest in Tuscany, and a perfect time to enjoy a glass of equisite Italian wine at a winery. In some parts of Italy, such as Sicily, the weather stays warm well into the fall so beach lovers can enjoy the last of summer on a vibrant, sunny beach.

To experience the diversity of Italy, visitors can fly British Airways to Rome via London Heathrow seven times a day. The special all-inclusive fares to Rome start from RM2,356.*

5. USA

Connecticut, USA

Connecticut, USA

New England is famous for its glorious autumn foliage which is truly a feast for the eyes. The leaves start turning colours typically around mid-to-late September and peaking around mid- October in the northern regions whilst the more southern states colour later and often lasts till mid-November. Autumn is the best time to set out on adventurous road trips across New England – traversing Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Just bear in mind that it is a very busy period with the influx of “leaf peepers”.

Visitors from Malaysia can now fly to Boston via London on British Airways.

London Heathrow seven times a day. The special all-inclusive fares to Rome British Airways to Rome via start from RM2,356.*

Malaysians can now fly to London on British Airways’ latest and most technologically-advanced Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that offers a smoother ride than any other aircraft, thanks to the built-in sensors that counter the effects of turbulence and reduce nausea for customers who suffer from motion sickness. With lower cabin air pressure than traditional aircraft, customers will notice an increased amount of oxygen and moisture in the cabin air, which helps to reduce the effects of jet-lag and dry eyes.

For bookings and more information, please visit www.ba.com

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