Inovo Ceiling Fan! The Award Winning Brand

Featured Lifestyle Slider Selecting the right ceiling fan for your home is very important in the long term. There were many designs, sizes and also quality in the market. One should not be only looking at the designs and ignore the practicality of the fans such as airflow, power savings, warranty and many more.

Order Tramadol Online Usa A properly sized, a well-constructed ceiling fan can make your home more comfortable at higher temperatures in the summer and improve circulation year-round. As the temperature in Malaysia is getting hotter, we have decided to add an additional ceiling fan to our dining room.

Award-Winning Brand

While researching online on ceiling fans, we have decided to pick up a designed ceiling fan from Inovo. Inovo is a local brand that has won the 2018-2019’s The BrandLaureate SMEs BEST BRAND Award (Electrical & Electronics Solutions).

The recognition has given us confidence that a local brand quality is equally as good as any international brand in the market.

What Had Attracted Us? – Beautiful Designer Design How do we come across this brand? While we were browsing around online, we saw a few ceiling fans design that has attracted us on their websites at ; hence we have explored more of their ceiling fans products and love it more and more. There were many designs, sizes and colours to be selected too. Some even has LED light on the ceiling fans! Inovo D946 Ceiling Fan

Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally After contemplating on getting which ceiling and design, we have decided to get the Inovo D946 Ceiling Fan which is available in 2 colours (Matte White and Matte Black + Mahogany). We were first attracted by its wooden colour ceiling fan (Matte Black + Mahogany colour) which would definitely make out the living room more classy with it. It was definitely a love at the first sight.

The Inovo D946 model comes with 3 Blades with the size of 52” (some models had the 46” too if the size of your room is small) and there were some specifications that we loved in this ceiling fan too!

Buy Cheap Tramadol Mastercard 1 – 30% Electrical Savings

Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight The Inovo D946 is equipped with a DC Motor; 40W AC 220V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz which could save more electricity bills than the normal ceiling fans in the market. AC motored ceiling fans need to be connected directly to your home (AC) power supply. This power source is what creates the force required to rotate the motor. With DC fans, the direct power source (AC) is connected to a transformer in the fan, which converts the power to DC. This will decrease the amount of power by using a direct current (DC) instead of the alternating current (AC).

Based on the testing and calculation, the DC Motors ceiling fan could save 30% electrics compare to the conventional AC Motors and it is much quieter too! 2- Safety

All Inovo’s ceiling fan has a special Automatic Shutdown function in case of any electrical faulty happens. This will definitely save us as the user if anything happens to our electrical items or fails. 3- Great Wind Performance The Inovo D946 comes with 6 speeds. After we have tested out the fan, with the speed 2 we already have great winds covering our whole dining room!

4- Air Circulation / Ventilation Feature

And of the features that impresses us were the Reverse Fan. The conventional fans that we are currently using have only the Front fan features where they blow the air down to the floor. The Reverse Fan on the other side encourages air ventilation in the room/space by drawing air up. This feature is very useful if your air conditioning vents are near the floor, then putting the fan into reverse can draw the cool air upward and circulate it around the room so that you can really feel it. It can help you to maximise the effectiveness of your AC, and that will allow you to keep it at a lower setting. The reverse setting can also blow warm out of high windows, creating negative air pressure that will draw in cooler air from lower windows. Sometimes, it’s possible to blow warm air out on the hot side of the house and draw cooler air in on the side that doesn’t get direct sunlight. 5 – 3 years warranty One of the main reason we choose Inovo ceiling fans over the other were its Warranty! The warranty that we found outside Comes with only a 1-year product part and 1-year on-site warranty. But with Inovo products, most of it comes with 3 years product part and 3 years on-site warranty (includes 3 years of AC Motor Warranty and 5 Years of DC Motor Warranty) which would definitely save us lots of hassle and cost when it breaks down.

This also shows how confident the brand is in their product which could offer such an amazing warranty on their products. All you need to do is to register online for an additional 2 years of warranty (1+2 Years) after your purchase and installation

6 – Great Service Installation Now let’s talk about the installation. We have received a free installation from Inovo. Thanks to the special promotion that they are running. The installation technicians were very polite and also knowledgeable. With his years of experience, the ceiling fan was being fixed in just 30 minutes!

Tramadol Online Overnight Usa In order to make the ceiling fan works better, he has also helped to do a fan balancing to the fan too! This was the first time we had heard about fan balancing. After doing it, we can’t see any shaking from the fan movement at all and it’s really quiet.

We are now enjoying the ceiling fan winds while writing this article to introduce how amazing this Inovo brand is. If you would like to learn more about Inovo ceiling fans, check out their website at

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