Datin Diana Danielle who is famous for several characters in Malaysian musical films proves he is able to sing well and create a name besides the famous singer of the homeland. The result of Singapore singer collaboration Reyza Hamizan and NeonSoul decided to partner with him eventually producing a song titled Infiniti.

The launch ceremony was also attended by several guests who were able to enliven this event such as Mr Norsiah Ramli, Director of NRDB Studio, Dato Ken Foo, Director of Seers and Mrs Marliza’s Red Box Plus representative where they participated in the latest song and Infiniti karaoke video at Red Box Plus, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Attendees have also witnessed the launch of the song karaoke video and specifically for those who want to join this song can come to any of Red Box, Green Box, and Red Box Plus branches throughout Malaysia.

Datin Diana Danielle, who is also an actor and renowned lawyer, decided to pick this song because of the pop songs that had popped up his music to highlight his own vocals as well as Reyza Hamizan. The song also gets the touch of the NeonSoul band whose music genres tend to be ‘Soul’ and ‘Groove’.

Datin Diana Danielle
Reyza Hamizan

INFINITI tells about a love that has no limits and is generic written. This song can be directed to the beloved and it is also written as a spiritual song to express the longing and love of the One. The distinctive feature of this song lies in its fresh and musical array that encourages listeners to make their own interpretation.

His music video was recorded by production company, HyperFrames and a shooting location at Movenpick Hotel, a new Hotel located in Sepang. Reyza himself is leading the Music Video.

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