Indulge in Irresistible Delights with Cat & the Fiddle’s Cream Cheese Macarons!

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Are you ready to embark on a delectable journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds like never before?

Cat & The Fiddle Cakes, hailing from the vibrant culinary landscape of Singapore, have graced the tables of dessert enthusiasts in Malaysia, promising a delightful experience that transcends borders. These delectable creations are brought to your doorstep once a month, allowing you to savor the taste of Singaporean perfection in the comfort of your own home.

Brace yourself, because Cat & the Fiddle is thrilled to unveil its latest culinary masterpiece: Cream Cheese Macarons. These exquisite treats are available in a variety of flavors that are poised to take your dessert experience to new heights.

Imagine delicate macaron shells that cradle sumptuous cream cheese fillings, resulting in a harmonious blend of textures and flavors that are nothing short of divine. With six captivating flavors to choose from, Cat & the Fiddle’s Cream Cheese Macarons are poised to redefine your understanding of indulgence:

Yuzu: Burst of Citrus Sunshine
The Yuzu Cream Cheese Macaron is a delightful citrusy treat that instantly brightened up my palate. The tangy yuzu flavor cuts through the creaminess of the filling, creating a perfect balance of sweet and tart. The macaron shell adds a delicate crunch that complements the velvety texture inside. It’s a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Chocolate: Decadence Redefined
As a chocolate lover, the Chocolate Cream Cheese Macaron was a slice of paradise for my taste buds. The chocolate filling is luxuriously smooth and intensely rich, creating a symphony of cocoa flavors that linger long after the last bite. The macaron shell’s delicate crunch provides a satisfying contrast to the velvety filling.

Blueberry: A Taste of Summer
The Blueberry Cream Cheese Macaron is like a burst of summer in my mouth. The blueberry flavor is vibrant and authentic, offering a wonderful blend of sweetness and tanginess. The cream cheese filling adds a luscious richness that elevates the overall experience. It’s a taste of sunshine and relaxation.

Pistachio: Nutty Elegance
The Pistachio Cream Cheese Macaron is a nut lover’s dream. The pistachio flavor is beautifully pronounced, and the cream cheese filling adds a creamy depth that complements the nuttiness. The macaron shell’s delicate texture enhances the experience, making each bite a delightful journey.

Raspberry: Enchanting Romance
The Raspberry Cream Cheese Macaron is a symphony of flavors and textures that left me enchanted. The raspberry flavor is juicy and genuine, and the cream cheese filling adds a luxurious creaminess that balances the tartness. The macaron shell’s delicate crunch adds a wonderful dimension to the experience.

Caramel: Golden Embrace
The Caramel Cream Cheese Macaron is a sweet embrace of indulgence. The caramel filling is velvety and decadently rich, with a hint of buttery warmth that’s truly comforting. The macaron shell’s texture adds a pleasant contrast to the sweetness of the caramel. It’s a treat worth savoring.

But it’s not just about the flavors; it’s about the experience. Cat & the Fiddle’s Cream Cheese Macarons have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether you’re seeking solace after a long day, looking to celebrate with friends, or simply longing for a moment of unadulterated pleasure, these macarons are your gateway to a world of excitement.

Be prepared to be the center of attention at gatherings, or delight your loved ones with an unexpected surprise that’s sure to make their day. And if you’re feeling a bit selfish, there’s no judgment in keeping them all to yourself!

Retail Price: RM 30.00 /box (6 pcs)
Promo Price: RM 6.60 /box with any cheesecake purchase (valid until 31 Aug 23 OR while stocks last)

Cat & The Fiddle Taking the Lead

What sets Cat & The Fiddle Cakes apart is their innovative use of blast freeze technology, ensuring that each cake is meticulously preserved during transit. This not only maintains the cakes’ pristine quality but also extends their shelf life significantly. In fact, the cakes are engineered to stay at their prime for up to an impressive 18 months, offering you the freedom to enjoy them at your convenience.

The reach of Cat & The Fiddle extends across the Peninsular States, allowing cake aficionados throughout Malaysia to partake in this delectable journey. The process is seamless, and regardless of your location, the essence of these exquisite creations can now be savored with ease.

Embracing Festivity and Generosity

As the Merdeka month dawns upon us, Cat & The Fiddle welcomes you to a celebration of flavors and patriotism. With every cake purchase, the opportunity to add on a box of Cream Cheese Macarons for a mere RM 6.60 presents itself, a gesture that encapsulates the joy of unity and festivity. This offer is valid until the 31st of December 2023, allowing you to indulge in both tradition and innovation.

Discounts and Delights

Cat & The Fiddle is committed to ensuring that their offerings are accessible to everyone, regardless of age or circumstance. Students and seniors are granted a remarkable 15% discount, extending the warmth of these cakes to those who hold a special place in our society.

For those celebrating their birthdays, an exquisite 20% discount awaits during the birthday month. It’s not just about cake; it’s about sharing the joy of life’s milestones in the most flavorful manner.

Elevating the Experience: The Gift of Free Delivery

As if the experience couldn’t get any sweeter, Cat & The Fiddle adds a cherry on top. With the purchase of a whole cake priced at RM 130 or above, the gift of free delivery is bestowed upon you. This makes indulging in the finest flavors a hassle-free experience, leaving you with more time to relish in the culinary delight.

The story of Cat & The Fiddle Cakes transcends borders, delivering not just cakes, but moments of happiness and connection. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity, Cat & The Fiddle continues to redefine the dessert experience in Malaysia, one slice at a time.

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Your journey into the world of taste sensations awaits!

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