Latte art has become a hallmark of many quality coffee shops around the world.

If you order a drink made with espresso and steamed milk, such as a cappuccino or a latte, you may find yourself marveling over the elegant, marbled patterns of earthen browns and shimmering white that top your beverage.

But how do baristas create such works of art?

Le Merridian Kuala Lumpur has recently shared its secret to their best coffee art by its experienced barista. Based on him, the most important part of the coffee is the coffee base and also the skill of pouring the foam into the cup.

It was because the designs take shape when a barista pours the drink into a cup; steamed milk over a couple shots of espresso. The impressive creations are a blend of the skill of the barista and the physical properties of the mixture of air and liquid: a foam.

Baristas can control the churning by adjusting the way they pour the milk. “Pace, position and proximity,” he said. “How fast is the milk moving into the coffee? Where is the milk entering the coffee? And how close is the steaming pitcher to the coffee?”

The slow, honey-like flow of the foam — that’s the reason why the white and brown foams have a hard time mixing, and makes this pattern last.

A good latte art is not only beautiful to your eyes but it also means the textured your milk are properly mixed and the coffee is dialed-in and tasting great!

To get a hand on a good coffee art, contact Le Meridian at for reservation.

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