Malaysians are blessed with many good foods and it is available 24/7 in Malaysia. But this is also one of the reason that Malaysians created many leftover foods which has comes up to 15,000 tonnes daily in Malaysia alone.

According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 20% of this amount are untouched leftovers that are still edible. This amount has been claimed to be sufficient to feed 5.3mil people 3 decent meals a day!

Seeing this problem, Mission foods has joint forces with Celebrity Chef Sarah Benjamin to kick off a “Foldover Your Leftovers” campaign in conjunction with the World Food Day on 16th October. The campaign is aimed to to inspire more people with more ideas to turn their leftovers into brand new delicious meals.

The common leftover foods that we normally would have in our fridge were Satay, Curry Chicken, Chicken Rice and many more. During the launch, Sarah Benjamin has showed how easily we could prepared a simple meal with these leftovers together with Mission Food’s wraps, naan and pita.

Curry Chicken Fold Over

Satay and Peanut Hummus Pita

Sze Chuan-Spiced Chicken Wrap

Through these inventive recipes shared, Sarah would wish to encourage more people to become heroes of #ZeroWaste.

Sarah also has produced 12 exciting recipes from leftovers that will be available in a limited edition booklet at all participting stores, given away complimentary to shoppers for every two Mission products purchased, starting from November. #FoldOverYourLeftovers

To find out more, your may visit Mission Foods website at or visit their Facebook at

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