Would you be tired of the same old foods for your meal?

When we are in KLCC and looking for foods, we normally would go into Suria KLCC or Avenue K for foods. But do you know there are many good foods around the area?

One of the undiscovered place were Maya Hotel. Maya Hotel (5 star hotel) located about 500 meter from Suria KLCC and have 3 restaurant/cafe in the same roof.

Located on the same floor of Maya Hotel’s main entrance, the 3 restaurants/cafe; Ramah Tamah (Braised Lamb Shank), Maya Basserie (Kim Cheese Sandwich) and Still Waters (Beef Rib Miso Hot Pot) have taken their efforts to create more new and fresh menu for its diners. Some special menus that they will be offering this season are;

Braised Lamb Shank – Slow cook lamb with herb served with mushroom risotto

Beef Rib Miso Hot Pot – Braised Beef Rib in Miso Broth with Japanese vegetables

Kim Cheese Sandwich – Kim Chi marinated style chicken thigh with cheddar cheese, kim chi vegetables, fried egg serve with fries of mashed potato

For more information and reservations, call  03-27118866; Ramah Tamah (ext 263), Maya Basserie (ext 258) and Still Waters (ext 260).

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