Healthy and Delicious Vegetarian Foods at Simple Life

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You might have heard about Simple Life but do you know where it has started? From a humble beginning in 1992 as a shop selling organic products in Malacca, Simple Life has grown over the years to 12 outlet selling healthy vegetarian food featuring recipes by the person behind it, Madam Tracy Ngo, who is the founder of Simple Life and the author of three organic recipe books.

They started their first outlet in Klang Valley on 13 May 2011 in Sunway Pyramid and have grown there to where we are today. We suspected that Madam Tracy Ngo were Hakka’s descendants. By looking at Simple Life’s dishes such as Lei Cha was actually a Hakka Dish.

We have tried out a few of its signature dishes such as Lei Cha Set with Grain Rice, Mango Green Salad, Ginger Extract Brown Rice Mee Sua, Sweet and Sour Crispy Abalone Mushroom Set, and Vegetable Curry Pork Set. What we can say were, these dishes were likes by many vegetarian and health-conscious diners. Even the elder loves it!

The Simple Life’s dishes were also nutritious because they eschew the use of mock meat which is mainly made of gluten and only organic or natural produce goes into the cooking pot paired together with its healthy multi-grain rice, which contains more fiber and is more nutritious.

As they have positioned themselves as a healthy food restaurant for everyone with an interest in eating healthy, Simple Life upholds the principle of using no MSG, no whites (eg. White sugar, flour), no preservatives and no trans-fat.

If you would like to know more about Simple Life and its foods, pay a visit to Sunway Velocity Mall’s B1 or visit their website at

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