Healthy and Delicious Penang Cuisines at Good Mama Foods

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Traveling and crossing state privileges are still not available for us who are staying in Malaysia. For Penangites and those who love Penang foods, Penang foods were one of the things that we everyone missed. We have tried out some of the Penang cuisines restaurants in Klang Valley but it is still not up to our expectations. But last weekend we had found one of the best Penang Cuisines that we had so far. It’s foods by Good Mama Foods!

Apparently, Good Mama Foods has been around in Damansara Heights for more than 20 years. Hmm… How come we did not found them earlier ­čÖü Good Mama Foods pledges to bring the most healthy and delicious Penang foods to the neighborhoods and currently they are also currently available for delivery!

Good Mama Foods offers varieties for Penang Foods such as Noodles, Rice, and many more. Whether you like to eat noodles, rice, or even getting some Penang dishes to pair with your meals, they have all for you. Let’s starts with noodles. Good Mama Foods offers TomYum Mee Hoon, Mee Mamak Goreng, Penang Lum Mee, Shredded Chicken Hor Fun, and Prawn Mee. No matter you are dry noodles or soupy noodles fans, they have it all for you. When we opened the package, we already could smell the deliciousness of all these foods :p

If you are a rice lover, their Nasi Lemak Kukus really impresses us a lot. It was super delicious!!! Nasi Lemak Kukus could be paired with its Signature Ayam Goreng Berempah. It was definitely a perfect combination to try out. If you do not like Ayam Goreng Berempah, you could also try to order a basic Nasi Lemak Kukus and top up with its Homecook Curry Chicken or Sambal Sotong. What we could tell you; all the foods were great! Definitely worth trying out.

As for the sides, that we had also got their Bergedel and Snow Fungus Longan as our desserts. The Bergedel is soft on the inside but slightly crunchy on the outside. When we received it, it was still hot… that was awesome. The Snow Fungus Longan in our opinion was better than what we had in restaurants and hotels. It tastes good and it was not too sweet too.

Up to our expectation, Good Mama Foods definitely tastes 98% (if not 100%) same as what we have got from Penang. The portion that they give was generous. We have ordered the meals for 4 people and it has taken us 2 meals to finish up all of these.

If you would like to know more about what Good Mama Foods offers, you could check out their Instagram at or Whatsapp to order.

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