Next-generation electrochromic technology delivers glare and shade relief in seconds; creating smart, energy-efficient buildings now possible

Halio International announced that Halio™ smart-tinting glass system will be launched in Malaysia at Archidex 2018, Southeast Asia’s leading exhibition for the architecture, interior design, and building industry from 4 to 7 July at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Featuring next-generation electrochromic technologies, Halio enables glass to tint, reducing glare and blocking unwanted solar heat – automatically or on demand.

Halio smart-tinting glass looks like ordinary clear glass until it tints to cool shades of grey to deliver thermal and visual comfort. Achieving its darkest tint level in less than three minutes, Halio eliminates the need for blinds, curtains and shades, while preserving views and meeting today’s energy efficiency targets.

David Yim, Sales & Marketing Senior Manager, Halio International, said: “We are excited to introduce Halio in Malaysia at Archidex 2018 and demonstrate how next-generation electrochromic technology combats glare and solar heat in commercial and residential buildings. With the nation’s rapid urbanisation and smart city ambition, we see Halio smart-tinting technology poised to transform the glass industry and impact smart buildings of the fuced natural light management system. Switching between clear and dark can be automated in response to the weather, time of day, or the sun’s position. While Halio seamlessly integrates with building management and home automation systems, facility managers and homeowners can manually control it from a range of easy-to-use options: Mobile app, desktop, wall-mounted tint selectors, and even voice command.

Though the naked eye is likely to only distinguish between 10-tint levels, Halio is technically capable of delivering an unlimited number of tint levels between clear and dark. The product’s optical properties make it an attractive option for not only commercial and residential windows, but also for interior walls where privacy-on-demand is often desirable. Halio also blocks up to 99.9% of ultra-violet rays, providing protection for interior furnishings.

Halio will be exhibiting at Archidex, Kuala Lumpur, from July 4 to 7, 2018. Visitors can sign up for a live demo at AGC’s booth 1A033 through


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