Italian food has always been recognized as a non-halal cuisine by many. But do you know there is on Italian restaurant who serve halal Italian cuisines named Positano.

The restaurant has first been opened in 1953 at a town in Italy named Positano when a Muslim came into their town and decided to make Positano his home. After 10 years of learning its culture and foods, the Muslim has decided to opened up a halal Italian restaurant catering to the Muslims in the town with an aimed to improves the lives of the Muslims.

In line with the owner’s vision, John Steinback teaming up with 2 of his Muslim friends has decided to expand Positano’s reach to the asean countries and the first country they have went into were Singapore.

After being awarded many awards in just 7 months span, John Steinback has opened up his first Positano outlet in Malaysia. Located at C2 Publika, the restaurants aimed to offer great halal italian food to its diners.

Some of the cuisine highlights in this restaurant were Salmon Cake with Apricot Coulis, Wild Mushroom Fetuccine and Chicken Milanese and Lemon Souffle.

Wild Mushroom Fetuccine
Chicken Milanese
Lemon Souffle

For more information on Positano, you may visit their facebok at

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