Halal Dim Sums at The Queens @ Shanghai Night in IPC Damansara

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Recently when we were shopping around in IPC Damansara, we saw there were a newly opened restaurant at IPC Shopping Center Level 1 (opposite of All IT Hypermarket); The Queen @ Shanghai Night. We had been attracted with its restaurant design as it has a Shanghai Night feels in it. After browsing on the menus we realised that they serve authentic handcrafted HALAL Dim Sum cuisines.

Without thinking further, we had decided to try out this restaurant’s dishes. Besides DimSums, we realised that they also offers Roasted dishes, Herbal soups, Noodles, Grain, Vegetarian, Hotpot and also Stir-fried dishes too. We had ordered of course some of its dimsums; Glutinous Rice, Steamed Chicken Siu Mai, Prawn Dumpling Har Kau, Charcoal Ebiko Har Kau, Sweet & Sour Beancurd Roll, Grilled Chicken Dumpling, Sze Chuan Dumpling, Stir Fried Carrot Cake, Steamed Honey Glaze Chicken Bun and Yam Dumpling.

The shop had reccomended us to try out some of its new dish which is not in the menu yet; Herbal Roast Duck Soup, Braised Chicken with Tong Gui, Red Dates + Ear Fungus Claypot, Steamed Prawns wrapped with Vermicelli in Chilli & Garlic sauce, House Special Soy Sauce Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Red Bean Curd Sauce, Baked Honey Chicken Wings, Diced Chicken & Asparagus in XO Sauce, Stir Fry Beef with Fresh Spring Onions and Steamed Eggplant in Peanut Sauce.

All of their dimsums were equally good. We were surprised on their new menu dishes too. It was something different and refreshing that we had ever tasted. Overall we really enjoyed the dishes here and we had even packed some of the foods back to be eaten later. The Queens is the first-ever outlet in Malaysia, the Queen cooks up some of the most delicious and exceptional Chinese Muslim meals that even we as a non-muslim loves too.

If you would like to know more, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/qfckitchen/ or visit their website at https://the-queen-shanghai-night.business.site/

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