Gushcloud returns with Influence Asia 2017 and heads to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 6-9 April 2017, after a successful inaugural show in Singapore in 2015. Organized by influencer marketing and media company Gushcloud and hosted by Yello Digital Marketing (Korea). Influence Asia 2017 aims to gather the region’s top 252 social media influencers for the largest social media awards show slated to be streamed live on 8th April 2017.

In 2015, Influence Asia had five participating countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

As for 2017, we welcome two new participating countries into the award show, Vietnam and South Korea. Social media influencers will be participating in nine categories; Food, Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Parenting, YouTube Channel, YouTube Personality and Breakout Influencer.

During the awards, an influencer from their respective countries will also be crowned The Influencer of the Year. The top four nominees of each country for their respective nominated category will then be flown to Kuala Lumpur for the event, where they will be travelling around various Malaysian sights for the first two days, before attending the awards show on the 8th of April.

The nominees are decided by a judging panel from the Influence Asia Council. They consist of 40 judges across seven countries, aiming to be as objective, fair and transparent in its choices of nominees and winners. The judging panel for Malaysia includes Nicholas Wong (Social Media, Marketing, Lazada Malaysia), Lee Tse Yoon (Digital Director – Media, Zenith Malaysia), Kristian Lee (Group Executive Director, NagaDDB), Melonie Sta Maria (Country Marketing – Print, HP Malaysia), Nadiah Syed Nahar (Communications & Government Relations Leader, P&G Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei) and Jay Loh (Social Media Specialist, Maxis)

Althea Lim, Executive Producer of Influence Asia 2017“We’re very pleased and excited to be organising Influence Asia again after our inaugural show in 2015. The theme for Influence Asia 2017 is “For The Future”. The brand promise for Influence Asia is “Creating Tomorrow’s Positive Influence”. We want the Influencers and Content Creators to know and understand that they have a huge responsibility because many of the younger and future generations of today and tomorrow watch and read a lot of the content they create. Hence, Influence Asia serves as a platform to celebrate individual and group efforts to create strong and positive content,” said Ms. Althea Lim, Executive Producer of Influence Asia 2017.

The awards show will also feature different performances from regional and international acts that include Malaysia’s very own homegrown talent, De Fam, Project E.A.R, a collaborative band of different acts from five different countries in South East Asia, including Singapore; and Kevin Lester, Singaporean rapper dubbed The Lion City Boy; Noo Ngoc Thinh fron Vietnam and Indonesian singer-songwriter Tulus. Influence Asia 2017 will also feature award presenters who are top influencers in their fields, namely Carli Bybel (US), Bubzbeauty (UK), Shannon (NZ), Jerome Jarre (CAN), Lilymaymac (AUS), Rita Jensen (TH), Amanda Bisk (AUS) and VICE (US).

Siang Ng, Executive Co-Producer of Influence Asia 2017Mr. Siang Ng, Executive Co-Producer also added, “We are hoping that this year’s Influence Asia will not only legitimise the importance of this industry but also to propel it further into the digital marketing scene in the Asian region. We are going to have a great show and Influence Asia will continue to be a biennial event to pave a path for the industry in the long run.”

Influence Asia aims to be the largest, most watched and respected live awards show, in honoring individual or group achievements in the social media influence industry across Asia. By building professionalism, sustainability, positivity, legitimacy and respect amongst all players in the industry, Influence Asia provides the platform for influencers in Asia to celebrate together.

Below are the list of Malaysia Nominees for each category:

Beauty:                                    Fashion:                                          Lifestyle:

  1. Chanwon                                1. Chloe Leong                                        1. Apple Tan
  2. Johanis Sani                           2. Christina Kuan                                   2. Cupcake Aisyah
  3. Putreeo                                   3. Emma Shazleen Ali                          3. Luqman Podolski
  4. Saraswati                               4. Juwei Teoh                                          4. Ucopppp

Parenting:                                Health & Fitness:                          Food:

  1. Cheesie                                      1. Dennis Yin                                         1. Bangsar Babe
  2. Emma Shazleen Ali                2. Joanna Soh                                      2. Bee Yinn Low
  3. Maria Elena                              3. Jordan Yeoh                                     3. Carol Eats
  4. Shaine                                       4. Talitha Tan                                       4. Eunice Martin

YouTube Channel:                   YouTube Personality:                  Breakout Influencer:

  1. Dan Khoo Productions           1. Dennis Yin                                       1. Chazynash
  2. Elizabeth Tan                           2. Jinny Boy                                         2. Cupcake Aisyah
  3. Jinnyboy TV                              3. Ling Bing Yong                               3. Luqman Podolski
  4. LingBig Yong                           4. Shawn Lee                                      4. Mira Filzah
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