Sometimes we are having some hard times looking for a good location for families and corporate functions. Especially those who are near to city area but have some different type of environment from the city.

Not far away from KL city, there was a place called Janda Baik which is located in Pahang. When you heard it is located in Pahang, would you be thinking “Oh that’s far away”?

No, this place is only 50 mins drive away from KL City Center. If we are stuck in a traffic jam in KL, sometimes it takes more than 1 hour to get us back home or somewhere that we wanted to go. Janda Baik is a village in Colonial Malay reserve Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. It is located on the slopes of the Banjaran Titiwangsa, about 600 meters above sea level.

Tourists often come to Janda Baik, because it is a Malay village in the highland plains, and the air was cool and the atmosphere is always comfortable. It’s full of flowers and native plants. There are many streams flowing through the village, making it ideal for picnics and camping.


Inspired by the charming local villages of yesteryears, Aman Rimba which is locating in Janda Baik has been build based on a wonderful blend of authentic traditional architecture and fine, simple luxury.

Its villas are airy and bright, with large windows that invite the outdoors in. All 6 villas offer a garden setting, and each villa features all the necessary conveniences – comfortable beds made for peaceful sleep-ins, ample living areas within the rooms where you can read and relax, and a quiet verandah to while away the evening.































  All the villas have bathrooms en-suite and are fitted with modern electrical conveniences such as water heaters and air conditioners in each room.

Because it was privately owned, the quality and detail within each villa is notable such as the wood-framed ceilings and lavish four- poster beds that are hard to find these days.


Besides the villas, one of their highlights were also their foods. Its foods were all specially prepared by a makcik and her family with kampung and Kelantanese-style basics such as sambal tumis and daging masak hitam for an authentic Malay cuisine experience served at the Pandan Hall.


Aman Rimba also offers many activities for its guest such as gaming room, basketball court, trampoline for kids, swiming pool, fishing, cycling and many more. Be rest assured you will never be bored when you are in Aman Rimba.


Aside from being a retreat, it can host up to 250 people for an enchanting picture-perfect wedding where the trees are lit up at night with fairy lights that drape from the branches.

The price to reserve the estate, inclusive of breakfast, are RM4,000 per night or RM7,700 for two nights on weekdays.

Whereas weekends cost RM6,000 per night or RM10,500 for two nights with an additional RM100 per rollout bed.

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