A hidden cafe; Kohi Yatta nested inside Mazda showroom which is located beside the Sungai Besi road was one of the undiscovered cafe that has meant to be a great hangout place.

This place initially being made for Mazda car owners who came over for car service to hang out. It is equipped with also a small kids playground for parents to bring along the kids to play for fun here.

Over time, there were an increased in outside customers into Kohi Yatta as they found it was a great hang out place for friends and families. Besides the spacious and great environment, their delicious foods with affordable price was also one of the attraction of this cafe too.

With a name that literally translates to ‘Coffee, Yay!’ in Japanese, this place isn’t shy about its enthusiasm in delivering food that’s fun and lively, while keeping their prices affordable. A glance at their menu says as much, with an impressive array of 60-plus Japanese-inspired dishes divided into starters, mains, all-day breakfasts and desserts.

Among the best seller meal for Kohi Yatta were; Oh! Rings, Yatta Maki, Yatta Fishbowl, Luna Una Don, Oyako Don, Yuzu Katsu Udon, Nasi Lemak Bento and its melt in your mouth’s Burnt Cheese Cake.

Oh! Rings - Dep fried onion rings coated with seasoned seaweed
Yatta Maki - Sushi roll with tamagoyaki, cucumber and katsu chicken
Yatta Fishbowl - Marinated tuna, salmon, tamagoyaki, kyuri and ebiko in a bowl of rice
Luna Una Don - Grilled eel with pickled daikon and onsen egg in a bowl of rice topped with ebiko
Oyako Don - Chicken, egg and onions in a bowl of rice topped with seaweed and sesame seeds
Yuzu Katsu Udon - Stir-fried udon with yuzu sauce topped with chicken katsu, ebiko and spring onions
Nasi Lemak Bento - Steamed rice, chicken karaage, homemade sambal, ikan bilis and peanuts, japanese cucumber, hard biole egg and miso soup
Burnt Cheese Cake

One of the thing that we like about this cafe were its quality, affordability and deliciousness of the meals in this cafe. For more information on Kohi Yatta, check out their website at https://www.facebook.com/KohiYatta

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