Award winning fine French dining; Chef Gary Chang and Pastry Chef Kingsley Kwoh who shares the passion of merging art with taste has opened up the Taste by The Champignon Restaurant and Cake Shop last Sunday.

Located on Ground Floor Eko Cheras, Taste by The Champignon inspired to impact the landscape of the Malaysian Dining scene through their foods. Their aim is to bring French Patisserie to the masses by making it affordable and easily accessible to the Malaysian.

“Taste is a lifestyle, it offers a nice environment to chill and relax, a casual place to meet friends and enjoy good food and fantastic cakes over coffee or any beverage of your choice, at reasonable rates”, said Chef Gary

Some of the signature highlights that are available in their Restaurant are Taste Big Breakfast, Croque Monsieur with Gammon Ham, Smoked Bacon and Mushroom Pizza, Smoked Salmon Pizza with Avocado Puree and Tobiko, Australian Grain-fed Beef Stirloin, Squid Ink Pasta with Market Seafood, Taste Big Breakfast and of course not forgetting it’s special curated French cakes and patisseries such as Elderflower,¬†Raisin Swiri Danish and many more.

Smoked Bacon and Mushroom Pizza
Smoked Salmon Pizza with Avocado Puree and Tobiko
Croque Monsieur with Gammon Ham
Australian Grain-fed Beef Stirloin
Taste Big Breakfast
Squid Ink Pasta with Market Seafood
Elderflower - Elderflower Mousse, Guava compote, Strawberry
Raisin Swiri Danish

For more information on Taste by Champignon, check out their facebook at

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