Giving You Old Laptop A New Life

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Your laptop is running slow and under performing? It also means that it’s time for you to change a new one. So what did you do with your old laptops? We are pretty sure you are also one of us where there were old laptops lying down at our home doing nothing and we do not know what shall we do with it.

For us, our home has been piling up with many old laptops lying around. It holds up spaces in our home and eventually becomes dusty. The laptop were old and it was not suitable to be used for normal operations and it has becomes invaluable to sell it on the secondhand market but it would also be a waste to throw it away.

In this article, we would like to share with you some ways that you could give you old laptops a new life with APR Electronics and Services, a refurbished laptop and services company that has been in the market for more than 20 years. They were a very well experienced IT services company which has helped to revive hundreds thousands of laptops over the years. With APR Electronics and Services, you could;

Repairing: Encouraging sustainability by repairing.

Laptops are as same as the other electronics devices. When they were old, there were definitely some parts that we would need to be replaced. Such as battery, keyboards, screen and many more. You could bring over to APR Electronics and Services to repair.

Refurbishing: Fully extending the IT devices lifespan by professionally refurbishing

If you would like to still used the old laptops, you could bring over your laptop APR Electronics and Service to get their professional advise and services on how you could totally refurbish your old laptops to give a new life to it.

Recycling: E Waste disposal via proper channel

There were definitely some of you that has some super old laptops with sometimes it’s impossible to be repaired or refurbished. You could also get APR Electronics and Services to help you to dispose these electronics through a proper channel while getting some cash back from your old laptops instead of keeping it and wasting your home spaces.

APR Electronics and Services are the ONLY IT company in Malaysia that’s working with UNDP (United Nation Development Program)on SDG on refurbishing & recycling IT equipment and has been certified by Jabatan Alam Sekitar by documenting all beyond repair e-waste materials and ensure proper disposal. APR Electronics and Services also ensures your old data in your old devices is safe by erasing it via an unrecoverable process certified by internationally recognized security agency; National Cyber Security Center.

APR Buy Back Program

Speaking about selling off your old laptops, APR Electronics and Services currently offering a Buyback Programme ( ). Whether you are from corporates, schools, banks or suppliers, as long as your laptops were with traceable source (and not stollen products), allow accepted.

Reusing (Making laptop affordable for Malaysians) and Affordable

For those buybacks from their APR’s Buyback programs, which ever laptops that could be refurbished (95% of these laptops could be refurbished) would be resell / remarked to the market. APR Electronics and Services offers quality refurbishes products at an affordable price for all Malaysians. To know more you could check it out at

If you would like to know more about APR Electronics and Services, check out their website at

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