If you’re interested in cutting down on the amount of waste we throw away to make the world a better place, why not consider adopting the 3R philosophy of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’?

One way to help you start doing so is by giving your old furniture a new lease of life, instead of throwing perfectly usable ones away for a brand new one that is often pricier — due to nothing more than inflation — but not necessarily of better quality or design.

All you need is that handy blue and yellow can, the WD-40® Multi-Use Product, to help restore the shine to your old furniture. Here’re four things at the top of our head that you may want to consider doing:

1)If it’s a leather sofa — or any kind of leather furniture for that matter — it’s really easy. Just spritz it with the handy WD-40® Multi-Use Product and give it a wipe down with a soft, dry cloth, buffing the leather slightly. Doing so will not only clean and lubricate your leather but give it a new shine.

2)If your old table or kitchen counter is riddled with ugly cup marks, don’t fret. Just spray on some WD-40® Multi-Use Product and give it a good, firm rub and the stains will melt away. The surface will soon be as good as new. Even if it’s crayon or marker pen stains, no worries. The same trick applies.

3)All of us have some old plastic or garden chairs stacked up at home for those home parties where the extra seatings are needed. But they can become really unsightly as time has a way of wearing the colours out, not to mention the unsightly stains that years of accumulated grime can leave. So just spray WD-40® Multi-Use Product onto the chairs and give them a good rub-down with a rug. You’d be amazed by the results.

4)A good set of BBQ grill does not come cheap. But when left un-used for a long time, grime and rust build up. Before you know it, you’d be thinking of throwing it out. But that’s such a waste when all it needs is a good bout of cleaning. Start by spraying a liberal amount of WD-40® Multi-Use Product onto the grill rack and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After that, re-spray, then rub the solution off with a dry rug or a balled-up piece of aluminium foil. Clean up any residue with paper towels. If there are grit (either from old food residue or other kinds of less savoury deposits) stuck to the grill, just spray with the solution, then scrape it off using a wire brush or grill brush, before washing it off with hot water and soap.

WD-40® Multi-Use Product is safe to be used on metal, rubber, wood and plastic. It can also be applied to painted metal surfaces without any harm to the paint.

For more information on the over 2,000 uses that fans of the trusted WD-40® Multi-Use Product have raved about, check out https://wd40.asia/.

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