Getting Real with Zee Avi Who is in Touch with Her Emotions

News Slider Most youths in Asia tend to hide their true feelings due to growing up with the belief that feelings come secondary. This has led them to not being very expressive with their true emotions when in fact, they should be open with their emotions and embrace them without trying to hide them away. After all, emotions are an internal communication network that connects what an individual goes through which make up their lives.

The Partnership
OPPO Malaysia had recently partnered with Vice Media, an American-Canadian digital media and broadcasting company to produce a video with the aim to inspire everyone to embrace their true feelings and express them without inhibitions. The video ‘Get Real: Hidden Emotions in Asia’ features Zee Avi, a young creative local talent, sharing one emotion that she always finds difficult to express – ‘satisfaction’.

Cheap Tramadol Fedex Overnight There’s something really comforting about Avi’s voice. She tells stories with beautiful melodies that help people to feel. Izyan Alirahman, better known as Zee Avi is a well-known Malaysian singer, songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player and visual artist. She comes from a small beach town in Miri, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. The Untold Story
“I think growing up, especially in Malaysia, we all have these emotions bubbling in our hearts that are not acceptable to talk about in public. Maybe that’s one reason I started to find a community on YouTube,” said Avi.

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Avi then shared about how she’s had a hard time feeling satisfied, and to feel like she is ‘enough’ in anything she does. She continued “I grew up around a lot of social media and just a lot of different standards for contentment. What is satisfaction? And it makes me question, am I satisfied with myself? I think about that a lot. How good I am as a songwriter, as a musician, as an artist, as a person?”

To many of us, true satisfaction is something that is often hard to achieve. There were times when Avi thought she should have felt satisfied and content, but her inner voice was still uneasy. This is something that she’s been keeping to herself and has never expressed to the outside world.

Tramadol Bula Anvisa “I think we had a very different way of being trained to brush all [our feelings] aside. Why do you feel the way you do? I don’t know. Maybe because I’m not allowed to talk about it, maybe?” Avi feeling emotional and continued, “It’s not our parents’ fault because that’s how they were brought up: not being able to express [themselves].” Capturing Satisfaction
To practise capturing satisfaction, Avi picked up the OPPO Reno6 5G and walked towards a dark room with a projector on. A backdrop of bright lights with a calm vibrance was projected on the wall. Avi then expressed the satisfaction and self-love that she’s been hard-pressed to give herself in few shots captured using the OPPO Reno6 5G’s Bokeh Flare Portrait Video feature. “When I see this, I feel a sense of release. I have a deep connection with the ocean, so this feels like a sense of surrender. Serenity. And in a way I do feel a sense of satisfaction,” Avi said.

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