To meet the evolving and increasing demands from consumers today for more healthier choices on-the-go, Nuvend Sdn. Bhd. launched a state-of-the-art ProYo (protein + yoghurt) smoothie vending machine aptly called “Fitgo Smoothie.” Made in Malaysia, the Fitgo Smoothie vending machine is the result of over two years of engineering, R&D and testing.

The concept and ideology of Fitgo Smoothie was born when founder, Jess Lin, was on a protein based meal replacement program. Tired of the lack of flavor and varieties available, and with no time to prepare the meal replacers, she craved for fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies to meet her program requirements. Jess conducted a research on the availability of such vending machines within the country and the rest, as they say, is history.

FitGo Smoothie Vending Machine

FitGo Smoothie Vending Machine

Through a collaboration with a group of carefully selected engineers and programmers, the first prototype vending machine was born which ultimately led to the deployment of the first vending machine earlier in March this year. The production process, from the manufacturing and distribution to the marketing and operations, is managed by Nuvend Sdn. Bhd within their factory premises. Furthermore, the factory, located in Puchong, is in the midst of being Halal and MeSTI certified.

Orange Mixed Blended

Orange Mixed Blended

Ingredients used in the preparation of the smoothies are sourced fresh from farms and wholesale markets. The whole fruits and vegetables are cleaned, cut and weighed according to the recipes before being packed into individual smoothie cups together with the key ingredient – frozen ProYo cubes – which is formulated by Jess.

The ProYo cubes consist of probiotics derived from yoghurt, soy protein and prebiotics to ensure that each cup of Fitgo Smoothie contains a minimum of 40 million colony-forming unit (CFU) of live bacteria cultures. Finally, the cups are labeled and sealed before they are stored in a room with a temperature of negative 15 degrees Celsius for optimum freshness.

FitGo Smoothies in Vending Machine

FitGo Smoothies in Vending Machine

Once the Fitgo frozen cups are distributed to the vending machines, they are stored inside the machines at a temperature of negative 10 degrees Celsius. These Fitgo frozen cups maintain freshness for up to one month upon production.

There are seven different mixes of smoothies based on the rainbow colours and each smoothie is between 192 and 236 calories and contains 12 grams of protein per 400 milliliter (ml) serving.

“Food safety and hygiene was our main priority in the design and manufacturing of the vending machines. We had to ensure that the vending machine was fitted with a self-cleaning program while being environmentally friendly to reduce water wastage. This was the driving force behind the reason of why our vending machines blend-on-order within the smoothie cups itself,” said Jess.

Priced at RM10.00 per cup, Fitgo Smoothies are available for purchase through the various vending machines which are located at:

  • Dpulze Shopping Centre Cyberjaya
  • Etiqa Twins
  • Jaya 33 Shopping Mall
  • Menara KH
  • Monash University
  • Menara Tokio Marine

rsz_fitgo_smoothie_step_3_-_collect_mixWith a menu of blended-on-order real fruit and vegetable smoothies, Fitgo Smoothie is ideal for those seeking a fun meal replacement option or those seeking for healthier snack alternatives. If you have not, we highly recommend that you indulge in these affordable and delicious smoothie blends.

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