Japan is famous of their sushi. But do you know that they have more than sushi in their delicious cuisines? For those who have been to Japan knows that Japanese enjoyed other Japanese foods such as Ramen,Bento Set, Udon, Sukiyaki and many more.

Rakuzen located at Sunway Velocity is one of the Japan recognized restaurant for it’s authentic Japan cuisines. Besides the fresh sushi and sashimi available, they also offers other types of Japanese cuisines at an affordable price.

Rakuzen Set Meals

When you think of Japanese restaurant, you must be thinking it has to be very pricy. No it is not in Rakuzen case. At Rakuzen, the offer affordable set lunch and dinner too starting from RM 35 a set.

Rokaku Bento Set 1
Rokaku Bento Set (Comes togather with Set 1)
Sukiyaki Zen Set
Sushi mini Udon Zen Set
Chicken Teriyaki Zen Set

A few of the highly recommended sets were; Sushi mini Udon Zen, Rokaku Bento, Sukiyaki Zen and Chicken Teriyaki Zen set.

For more information on Rakuzen, check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RakuzenSunwayVelocityMall/

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