While we are still unable to cross borders and even states, how could we satisfy our travel crave that has been suppressed for more than a year now. Of course by food! There is nothing better to have a good meal that we have long crave for. If you are craving German foods, you are in luck.


Recently we have discovered one of the German Restaurants in Pavilion named Weissbrau which is located at Pavilion Mall’s Ground Floor Concourse area. While not many are able to serve authentic delicious German foods in Malaysia, Weissbrau has the opposite. Weissbrau is a German beer house inspired by its name Weissbrau which means wheat beer. Indulge in the aromas of hearty comfort food, combined with the distinctive whiff of imported ale and beer.

https://mor-nutrition4life.com/978p7azmcup Taking the best of German & European-inspired cuisine, including specialty pork dishes, imported draught, and bottled beers, Weissbrau brings you as close to Germany as Malaysia can offer. The chef was from the German-Spain border. While living in that area, he has been exposed to most of the German cuisines since he was small. We manage to try out a few signature dishes in their menu and found it was authentic. Among the signature dishes that we have tried were; Giant Pork Knuckle (served with black pepper sauce, baby potatoes, bacon, sauerkraut and grilled vegetables), Meat Platter for 4-5 pax (assorted of sausage, pork neck, Ilberico pork ribs, roasted pork belly served with german potato salad, pineapple, gravy sauce, mustard sauce, coleslaw and bread), Jager Schnitzel (with mushroom cream and salad), Caprese (tomato, cheddar cheese, brasil and salad) and Roestizza (homemade Roesti based topped with cherry tomatoes, prawns, salad and cheese).

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https://highland-outdoors.com/9sxjn0v91 Of course, with great German foods, it must come with great beers. Weissbrau offers varieties of beers ranging from our local beers up to German local beers too. If you are not into alcohol, their cold-pressed juice detoxed drinks are something that you must try.


P/s: If you loved German’s steaks and sausages, Weissbrau also offers packed steaks and sausages for its diners to take away and cook at home.


For more information on Weissbrau, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/weissbrau.pavilion

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