Galaxy Z Flip Best Feature: The Flex Mode

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Galaxy Foldables was meant for users who love to be different/trendy at the same time being able to use the foldable for more usage than the conventional ones. Flex mode is one of those features. That’s basically just a term for whenever you use the phone’s main screen folded halfway. It’s most useful if you want to set the phone down and use it hands-free, like for video calls, and some apps are optimized by default to take advantage of it.

Here’s how to use Flex mode with the apps that support it natively — and also how to enable it for apps that don’t. We have tested these steps on a Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 running One UI 4.1.1.

Phone Tripod for Photography

While most of the phones in the market require you to have a tripod or phone holder whenever you wanted to take group photos, the Galaxy Z Flip’s Flex Mode enables you to use it as a ‘standalone stand’. All you have to do is just fold the phone halfway and place it on top of a surface then you’re good to go!

Besides that, you could also use the Flex Mode as a ‘pocket mirror’ for ladies, Hyperlapse recording, video recording, and many more.

Video conferencing Anytime Anywhere

Video conferencing is already a norm, so there’s always that occasional online meeting with your colleagues. If you’re still working from home and want to stay away from your computer for a while, just take the Galaxy Z Flip with you and place it on the table. You should be able to find most video meeting apps on Google Play Store, regardless of whether you’re using Zoom, Google Duo, or Cisco Webex. Just download it so you can have convenient conference calls anytime and anywhere.


Surf your favorite videos on YouTube, and Facebook and reply to messages at the same time. No problem! Samsung really put in a lot of effort and enhancement on the hinge. Even though we’ve only used them for a short period, the hinge definitely felt more durable. It also provided an improved user experience during Flex mode.

Samsung Malaysia recently announced a new retail price tag for the Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy Z Flip, it’s now priced starting at RM4099 (for 126GB storage). For more information on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, check out their official website at

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