ShellOut seafood concept has been a common seafood dining trends in Kuala Lumpur. But not all ShellOut seafood place serving seafood in their restaurant.

ShellOut concept comes from Louisiana, a state in America, the popular style of eating was to spread their seafood of Crabs, Clams, Prawns and many more all over the table, with family members and friends joining in the feast, using just hands to eat, making a huge mess, and having loads of fun.

Located inside Sunway Giza; Just Seafood is a seafood restaurant based on this concept but with also an aim to serve only fresh seafoods on diners table.

The best seller flavor was its iCajun sauce, inline with the overwhelming response from its guest, Just Seafood has expanded the flavor into include other delicious sauces to include Butter Milk, Creamy Peanut (Satay Celup), Salted Egg Yolk, and the very newest hit, its Nasi Lemak Cajun!

The Original Carjun
Butter Cream Milk

It was recommended to go with the Friend Man Tau if you would like ot have a better taste and texture to the seafoods. Among other fresh signature dishes were its Nelayan Platter with Special Sauce, Steam Cockles and Charcoal BBQ Baramudi (Siakap). If you are around Damansara area, Just Seafood is a restaurant that you must consider coming at least once to try out their seafood meal.

Fried Man Tau
Nelayan Platter
Nelayan Platter with Special Sauce
Steamed Cockles
Charcoal BBQ Baramudi (Siakap)

For more information on Just Seafood, check out their facebook at

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