What is the things that you will be doing when you are in Genting Highlands besides eating and shopping? Some of us will say to their them park or concert at night or even casinos! But some of us will definitely loves movies. Watching a great movie in such cooling environment would be one of the best thing to do besides the normal activities others do.

Late December last year, Bona Film Group; a China film production company that listed on the NASDAQ in the United States has expanded from film distribution to film investment, production and cinemas, and now it is booming to a complete film industrial chain had launched its first overseas high-end theater – Bona Cinema in Genting Highlands, the world-class tourist destination in Malaysia, setting up its new milestone in oversea investment and development.

So what so special about Bona Cinema Genting Highlands? Bona Cinema in Genting Highlands have four professional cinema halls with 4K high definition projectors and the latest Dolby Atmos audio system, with a total of 791 comfortable seats, definitely fulfilling the audio and visual pleasure of cinemas goers. Besides the conventional theatre style cinema, Bona Cinema also offers additional 2 more types of high-technology cinema; Bona Cinemas IMAX theatre and Gold Class with D-BOX theatre

Bona Cinemas IMAX theatre in Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Bona Cinemas has been awarded by IMAX Corporation the authorization to operate IMAX theatre in Genting Highlands last year. The IMAX theatre could accommodate up to 250 audiences at a time for any movies. Visitors to Genting Highlands can now enjoy the movie in the cool and refreshing Bona Cinemas IMAX theatre that is located at a height of 1,865 meters above sea level!

IMAX is derived from the word “Image Maximum”. Compared to the traditional film format, IMAX is able to capture images of greater size and resolution in details as it uses film that is 70 mm high, which is ten times larger than the standard 35 mm format, offering an extraordinary visual experience for the audiences.

You will definitely be impressed with the visual and also audios of this cinemas could bring to you. One of the must go place in Genting if you are an IMAX movies lovers.

Malaysia’s first cinema that combine Gold Class theatre with D-BOX

Bona Cinemas is also the first cinema in Malaysia that combine Gold Class theatre with D-BOX. There are a total of 48 ultra-comfortable classic and VIP-style dynamic seats, equipped with individual high tech patented motion system with four levels of intensity control. The left hand side armrest of the seat allows the audience to place the popcorn or drinks; A power button which could adjust the angle of the seat back and the foot rest is situated on the right hand side armrest, allowing the audience to adjust their seats to the most comfortable position according to their preferences. Other than that, the audience can also control the level of D-BOX motion intensity.

D-BOX seat combines the latest motion technology — the two-axis configuration that tilts you left and right, front and back accordingly, definitely bringing you the immersive entertainment experiences as if you were part of the scene! This is a no doubt extremely exciting and satisfying for us at eRayn3 as we have experienced it our ownself.

Bona Cinema also provides a GOLD lounge waiting area specially made for its GOLD Class tickets holders too. If you are visiting Genting anytime soon, this is one of the place that you will not want to missed. Be rest assured you will be impressed with their movies effects that their visuals and audios could brings you.

For more information on Bona Cinema, check out their website at http://bonacinemas.com.my

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