Recently, we have a chance to visit The Korea’s No. 1 BBQ Restaurant – Shinmapo Korean BBQ (Mapo Galmaegi) that has more than 500 BBQ Restaurants worldwide with more than 500 outlets in Korea.

Ultimate Pork SetShinmapo Side DishesWe manage to try their signature Ultimate Pork Set offers a fresh varieties of Marinated Signature Pork Skirt Meat, Pork Belly, Marinated Pork Collar, Mixed Grill Platter, Dried Pollock Soup, Side Dishes, Kim Chi Egg Crust at only RM 98 (for 2 pax) or RM 128 (for 4 pax).

Kim Chi Pancake Spicy Octopus Chilled Buckwheat NoodlesBesides that, you could also add on some additional add-on dishes such as:

Kim Chi Pancake (RM36)
Spicy Octopus (RM33)
Chilled Buckwheat Noodles (RM22)

There are also many fresh seafood dishes such as grilled scallops and squid. For beef lover, their marinated beef here are really nice.

Bbudae JjigaeAs for Korean Ramen lovers, you may want to consider trying their special Bbudae Jjigae (RM 15 for add-on price). Bbudae Jjigae is also known as Army Base Stew, is a one-pot meal serves as a culinary vestige of the tough years following the Korean War, when locals would make it with the leftover rations from American army bases.

What resulted from the blend of these American ingredients with the flavors of Korean spices is a comforting pot of spicy, savory stew made perfect for sharing.

Volcano Friend RiceOr for egg and fried rice lovers, you must try this special Volcano Friend Rice (RM 33). It’s a recommended dishes that you wouldn’t want to missed. The Volcano Fried Rice tell the story of the famous Jeju Island.

The fried rice is Halla Mountain figure (the tallest mountain in South Korea) and the egg scramble surrounding the fried rice is Jeju Island – after the volcanic eruptions, Jeju become a popular tourist attraction due to its beautiful volcanic landscape.

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