Just like how Muar is well-known for Kopi 434 Café, Kluang also has its own popular coffee spot. There are top 3 Authentic Coffee Shop available in Kluang Johor. They are;

1) Kluang Kopitiam

There may be endless options for restaurants and cafes, but there is only one that lets you enjoy local food and drinks with a scenic railway view. Kluang Rail Coffee, which opened in 1938, is not just a place for hanging out but also a place to savour mouth-watering local foods and coffee. Mee laksa, nasi lemak, roti canai, fried rice, toast bread, fried mee, porridge and fried mee hoon are just some of the local foods to try at Kluang Rail Coffee. The place is so popular that it’s usually crowded, but you should come to understand what the hype is about.

Address: 20 & 21, 1st Floor & Ground Floor, Jalan Tasik 1, Pusat Perniagaan Tasik, 86000 Kluang, Johor
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (7am-10pm)

2) Ling Nam Kopitiam

Ling Nam kopitiam in Paloh is one of Johor’s oldest. The toast is made with old style bread filled with homemade kaya. The kopi is the old Nanyang bitter sweetened with a large dollop of milk.

Looking from far, the outlook of this coffee shop is not different from those traditional kopitiam that we see every day. Once we stepped into the shop, there’s a surge of instant classiness can easily be felt. It’s not hard to notice that this shop has been operating for countless years; in fact, the current boss is the third generation since his grandpa.

The owner Mr Wong keeps his kopitiam like a little museum full of kopi paraphernalia and he is an expert in kopitiam history. Mr Wong has been making coffee for over 50 years in Ling Nam Kopitiam in Paloh. Made from well water they are smooth and robust.

The best foods to order in Ling Nam Kopitiam were its, Homemade Kaya Toast, Freshly Made Coffee; made from the old coffee bag and also their nasi lemak.

The decorations (or you can call them antiques, as some of them are indeed older than either of us) drew my attention away quite a bit. Those are the memories. Besides those antiques, there are some meaningful & informative words hanging on the wall which has lots of real stories behind each and every of it.

Address: 26, Jalan Abu Bakar, Paloh, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
GPS: 2.188622,103.194000
Business Hours : 6:30am to 3:00pm

3) Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

And it’s better than a cafe – it’s a coffee factory, no less! Kluang Coffee Powder Factory was established way back in 1966. Since then, it has become a household brand and most locals, from the older generation to the younger one, consider Kluang Coffee as their preferred choice.

To understand the hype, you need to visit the factory. Be it made from Arabica, Liberica or Robusta coffee beans, Kluang Coffee is undoubtedly the best in Kluang. Among the well-known coffee you can buy in Kluang Coffee Powder Factory are the Pure Coffee Series, the Black Coffee Series and the Black Coffee (2 in 1 Series).

On top of that, you can learn how coffee beans are roasted and the whole process involved in producing coffee powder, up to the packing stage at the warehouse. While touring the factory, the aroma of fresh coffee beans will undoubtedly tempt you to have a cup of coffee.

Address: 76, Jalan Besar, Kampung Yap Tau Sah, 86000 Kluang, Johor
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm), Saturday (8am-2pm), Closed on Sunday

Remember, Johor is not just about Johor Bahru. Plan a trip to Kluang Town and you will be surprised at what you will find there!


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