Exploring the Culinary Delights at Chopsticks by Mohd Onn: A Halal Chinese Dining Experience

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When it comes to dining experiences, the fusion of diverse flavors and culinary traditions can often lead to unforgettable meals. One such fusion is exemplified by Chopsticks by Mohd Onn, a Halal Chinese restaurant founded by a Chinese Muslim couple. This culinary gem has recently introduced three new set menus, each promising a unique journey through the vibrant world of Chinese cuisine.

A Taste of Chopsticks’ New Set Menus

Chopsticks by Mohd Onn has recently expanded its menu offerings with three exquisite set menus. These sets cater to various group sizes and are designed to provide a memorable dining experience for everyone.

Set A (RM 169 for 2-3 pax):

Chopsticks Signature Platter: A masterpiece of flavors and textures, this platter is a tantalizing assortment of bite-sized delights, from crispy spring rolls to succulent dumplings, offering a perfect introduction to the feast. Golden Glazed Prawn: Juicy prawns, bathed in a luscious golden glaze, are a sweet and savory sensation, a harmonious blend of flavors with a satisfying crunch. Savoury Black Pepper Beef: Tender strips of beef, wok-tossed with aromatic black pepper sauce, deliver a delightful kick of spiciness and a rich, smoky depth. Tofu Treasure Pot: A hearty pot filled with treasures, featuring soft tofu, vegetables, and mushrooms, all swimming in a savory, aromatic broth—a comforting and wholesome choice. Stir-Fried Baby Kailan with Garlic: Crisp, vibrant baby kailan greens come alive with the fragrant embrace of garlic, a simple yet delightful side dish. Golden Omelette: This fluffy, golden omelette is a comforting classic, a canvas of soft egg layers that absorb the surrounding flavors like a culinary sponge. Fragrant Steamed White Rice: Perfectly cooked, fluffy rice serves as the foundation for the meal, ready to soak up the sumptuous sauces and flavors. Mango Pudding: A sweet and tangy mango pudding is a refreshing treat, offering a cool respite from the bold and spicy flavors. Basil Seed Lychee Syrup: The basil seed and lychee syrup drink is a refreshing way to cleanse the palate, with tiny basil seeds adding a delightful crunch to the drink.

Set B (RM 309 for 5-6 pax):

Crispy Roasted Chicken (half): The half chicken is roasted to perfection, with a crispy, flavorful skin that gives way to succulent, tender meat—a true showstopper. Kum Heong Lala: Plump clams are brought to life in a fragrant “kum heong” sauce, a blend of aromatic spices and a hint of heat, creating a mouthwatering, addictive dish. Tom Yam Seafood Soup: A fragrant and zesty Tom Yam soup teems with an assortment of seafood, offering a symphony of flavors with the perfect balance of sourness and spiciness. Signature Nyonya Fish Fillet: This dish showcases tender fish fillets bathed in a rich, coconut-based Nyonya sauce, a harmonious dance of flavors that’s both sweet and spicy. Kangkung Belacan: Wok-tossed water spinach (kangkung) with spicy shrimp paste (belacan) is a dynamic side dish, bringing a fiery Malaysian twist to fresh, crunchy greens. Sautéed Eggplant with Dried Shrimp: Soft and creamy eggplant pieces are elevated by the addition of umami-rich dried shrimp, making for a flavorful and comforting choice. Assorted Fruits: A refreshing platter of seasonal fruits adds a sweet note to balance the richness of the meal, offering a delightful and healthy ending.

Set C (RM 569 for 9-10 pax):

Thai Style Spicy Lemon & Garlic Steamed Grouper: A whole grouper is delicately steamed with zesty Thai-inspired flavors, resulting in a vibrant and fragrant centerpiece dish. Crispy Golden Yam Basket: Crispy yam basket, filled with a medley of vegetables and meats, is a crunchy and satisfying dish that combines textures and tastes seamlessly. Curry Chicken in Fried Mantou: Tender chicken pieces swim in a rich and fragrant curry sauce, served with crispy mantou buns for a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Ginger & Spring Onion Beef: Succulent beef strips are expertly wok-tossed with fresh ginger and spring onions, delivering a satisfying umami-packed experience. Spinach with Goji Berry: Vibrant spinach is adorned with nutritious goji berries, creating a refreshing and health-conscious side dish.

Each dish in these set menus at Chopsticks by Mohd Onn is a delightful masterpiece, offering a diverse range of flavors and textures that are sure to satisfy your culinary cravings.

The Art of Wok Hei

Chinese cuisine is famous for its emphasis on “Wok Hei,” the breath of the wok, which imparts a distinct smoky flavor to the dishes. This culinary technique is essential for achieving the best flavors in Chinese cooking. Surprisingly, Chopsticks by Mohd Onn manages to capture the essence of Wok Hei in their dishes, even with a Muslim kitchen. The result is a delightful surprise for those seeking authentic Chinese flavors in Halal cuisine.

A Culinary Voyage through the Menu

Chopsticks by Mohd Onn boasts a menu featuring over 200 Chinese dishes, ranging from seafood and meats to a variety of vegetables. Diners can also customize the level of spiciness to suit their taste buds. Some of the standout dishes on their menu include the Signature Hokkien Mee, a delectable Ginger & Spring Onion Beef, the creamy and indulgent Butter Chicken, the savory Salted Egg Prawn, and the aromatic Kum Heong Lala.

Where to Find Chopsticks by Mohd Onn

Chopsticks by Mohd Onn is not limited to one location; you can savor their delectable offerings at four different venues in the Klang Valley: Tamarind Square, Jalan Kemuja Bangsar, Lorong Rahim Kaji 13 TTDI, and Jalan 30.70a Desa Sri Hartamas. This accessibility ensures that you can experience the flavors of Chopsticks by Mohd Onn from various parts of the city.

Connect with Chopsticks by Mohd Onn

For those eager to explore the tantalizing world of Chinese cuisine with a Halal twist, Chopsticks by Mohd Onn can be found on social media. Stay updated with their latest offerings, events, and more by following their Facebook page at ChopsticksByMO and their Instagram account at ChopsticksByMO.

Chopsticks by Mohd Onn is a testament to the culinary diversity that Malaysia has to offer. It’s a place where tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to provide a delightful dining experience. So, whether you’re a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine or simply looking for a new culinary adventure, Chopsticks by Mohd Onn is a must-visit destination for a truly unique and Halal Chinese dining experience.

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