Experience the Ultimate Pleasure: Magnum’s Matcha Marvel Unveiled!

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Magnum, the unrivaled champion of ice cream extravagance, is ecstatic to unveil a creation that’s set to redefine your dessert dreams – the Magnum Matcha Crumble. This groundbreaking masterpiece fuses the timeless elegance of Japanese culture with Magnum’s iconic, luscious Belgian chocolate, delivering a taste that’s beyond pleasure – it’s pure ecstasy.

A Flavor Fusion You Won’t Forget

The Magnum Matcha Crumble is an exquisite dance of velvety Matcha ice cream, enveloped in Magnum’s signature thick Belgian chocolate, and crowned with crispy shortbread crumbles.

It’s a flavor symphony that’ll take your taste buds on a thrilling rollercoaster ride, setting the bar for ice cream extravagance.

Jean, Nichapat Valaiphatchra, Business Lead of Unilever Ice Cream, Malaysia, shares, “At Magnum, we’ve always strived for the extraordinary. We’ve combed the globe for the finest ingredients, and this time, we’ve harnessed the vibrant essence of the East. We’re thrilled to introduce the Magnum Matcha Crumble, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the pursuit of true pleasure.”

Embrace Pleasure in True Magnum Style

Magnum recently made a triumphant return to on-ground events in a big way, with a sensational takeover event on September 11th at Sentul Depot. The venue was transformed into a spectacular Magnum Matcha wonderland, underlining the brand’s unrelenting dedication to delivering moments of unadulterated indulgence.

The event drew a star-studded crowd, including luminaries like Daiyan Trisha, Ben Amir, and Qiu Wen. Their presence added a dash of glamour and charisma, reiterating Magnum’s status as the epitome of true pleasure.

Guests were whisked into an enchanting Japanese-inspired Magnum Matcha Takeover event, where they could savor the latest Japanese-inspired sensation and more. The event featured an elevated Magnum ice cream experience, a mesmerizing fusion of East and West live performances, and an exclusive creation by the culinary maestros of Magnum X Chateau Dionne.

Moments of Pure Pleasure

As part of the celebration, guests were treated to an array of delightful activities, each meticulously crafted to captivate the senses and embrace the spirit of indulgence. They could partake in the artistry of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, mastering the fine art of whisking premium matcha tea alongside a decadent piece of M-shaped Belgian chocolate. Plus, they had the opportunity to craft their very own Japanese fans, each a personalized masterpiece to take home as a cherished memento of the occasion.

To infuse a touch of tradition and optimism into the modern indulgence experience, guests were invited to participate in a beloved Japanese ritual. They penned down their hopes and dreams for the year ahead, encapsulating their desires for a future filled with moments of genuine pleasure. These wishes adorned a visually enchanting ‘wishing tree,’ forming a breathtaking tapestry of aspirations that symbolized our dedication to making every day a pleasure-filled delight.

For those who cherish the moment of indulgence and the pursuit of genuine pleasure, Magnum Matcha Crumble is your ticket to a journey where East meets West, harmonizing Japanese culture with Magnum’s unparalleled Belgian chocolate coating. It’s a perfectly balanced indulgence that remains “True to Pleasure.”

Pleasure Seekers, you can now relish the Magnum Matcha Crumble available nationwide at major minimarts, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts, e-commerce platforms, and food delivery services such as Grab and Foodpanda.

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