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Many of us had dream or heard about living in space, but living in space is just a dream up to now at least. Even though Elon Musk are working hard to create a space ship for us to travel the space. Nevertheless, there are a chance for us to have a short trip experience living in space for a night in Kuala Lumpur. By how?

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https://highland-outdoors.com/tgfi9os4 By checking into Space Hotel Chinatown. Space Hotel Chinatown is now just another ordinary hotel in town. Located just opposite of Petaling Street’s main entrance, this hotel has created a hidden mystery through its main door.

Upon entering into the hotel, you will be greeted by a space lift where it was nicely decorated with the universe wallpaper. The lift will then transport you over to it’s reception counter where you will be welcomed and brief before entering into you space ship a.k.a room.


https://deportevida.com/k8wdi7k You will then be guide to abroad onto the ship and then into your space capsule. You will also be getting a space locker which you could opened it up with your space capsule’s access card. You were then be leave alone in your space capsule and you can then let your imagination go wild.

https://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/krlsb7lseo In the space capsule, it was equip with a TV, clothing hanger, cap hanger, a power plug, a mirror with light, air power outlet, date and time clock, a table bed, study lights and many more. Besides that, the capsule had one thing that most of the capsule hotel in town doesn’t have. It’s the door! A door that could separate your capsule with the universe (outside) space. This is to create a more better private space for you.

The Space Hotel Chinatown also offers facilities such as shared bathrooms, laundry rooms, smoking area and chilling our area too.

Besides that, if you have any private events, you may also book it’s Space Lounge which is located at the top floor. The event space was carefully created to give a space experience to its guest by decorating a glow in the dark’s stairway and a space feel rooftop dining area. They also have decorated the Space Lounge wall with some instagramable space background which could be used to create more memorable photos while enjoying the party.


Apart from that, there were a igloo room located at the end of Space Lounge which is air conditioned and equip with karaoke device too. The Space Lounge was suitable for weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations which could leverage into its venue Space design.

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https://www.how-matters.org/2023/04/19/iqjowyka Space Hotel Chinatown is also a good place to bring your kids to spend a night at. The kids will surely loved the look and feel of the hotel brings to them and you could go back home as a proud parents that have created a memorable memories for your kids during their childhood times.

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https://greatstorybook.com/2jg07y54 With the price starting from RM 38 per capsule per night, this is one of the staycation that you would never want to missed. We had a great time there as an adult and we believe that you would too.


https://mor-nutrition4life.com/1s8t8w6 For more information on Space Hotel, check out their website at https://www.spacehotel.com.my/


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