In Malaysia, the melted cheese that we normally tried would be in pizza or a toasties. But do you know there are lots of types of melted cheese that is available in Europe?

When comes to melted cheese, not all cheeses are equal – some melt better than others, allowing unlocked textures, flavors and taste to ooze out.

Chef Pierre Gay

Chef Pierre Gay

Chef Pierre Gay, a cheese master, cheese connoisseur and expert from France, shared his extensive knowledge on European cheese through a Raclette party jointly organized by the French Inter branch Diary Organization and European Union, to promote the pre-emience and finesse of European Cheese.

He shared the secret in choosing the right cheese for a Raclette is the moisture content “The more moisture the cheese has, the better it melts. Generally European Cheeses are more suited for Racettes and the favorites are the signature Racelette Cheese, Emmental and Comte. Once melted they will have nuttier sweeter flavour.”

Chef used Raclette cheese which he melted in a large Raclette machine, then scraped over the cured meats and condiments.

“The Raclette cheese is an excellent melting cheese and the main cheese used in Raclette and fondues. Pungent yet savoury, the Raclette’s pH level gives it the perfect melting point resulting in a molten liquid that is stringy and holds its shape at the same time,” he added

Considered to be one of the most versatile foods in the world, cheese can be eaten as it is, paired with a classy wine or even incorporated into any dishes – from cold to hot, sweet to spicy, from appetizers to desserts – most cheese recipes only need a few additional items added to the star ingredient to make them fantastic.

With stringent quality control and regulations in Europe, European cheeses are always of the highest quality, and the best cheese products are readily available to the consumers in Malaysia.

A Raclette which is a new concept in Malaysia is a great way to enjoy European cheeses and can be easily at home to be enjoyed with friends and family, giving the traditional cheese platter a noveler and enjoyable upgrade.

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