When we watch too much TV or stick to a screen monitor too much, we will definitely get scolding from our parents. This will be no doubt. But nowadays, we are relying heavily on these gadgets to work and play. So how can we avoid our eyes being affected?

Our technology has been evolving on daily basis and today our technology have a solution for us. Today, BenQ, a global leading innovator in displays, launched its 4K HDR monitors with the exclusive Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology. With the 4K HDR features, users can expect expect to enhance viewing enjoyment in console gaming experience and safeguarding eye health by:

Low Blue Light Technology

Brightness Intelligence / Brightness Intelligence Technology Plus Technology

1) Brightness Intelligence / Brightness Intelligence Technology Plus Technology – Automatically adjust the display quality to best fit your surrounding, offering the best thrilling enjoyment without harming your eyes.

2)  Low Blue Light TechnologyFilters harmful blue light in successive stages, depending on content to prevent eye fatique. Protecting against hazardous short-wavelength blue light, the newly upgraded Low Blue Light Plus Technology rejects higher-energy blue-violet radiation in wavelengths ranging from 420nm to 455nm, while allowing beneficial blur-turquoise light in 455nm – 480nm range to eliminate eye irritating without any degradation to picture performance.

Flicker Free

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology & Low Blue Light Plus Technology (B.I + Tech)

3) Flicker-free – Ensures maximum user comfort. Unlike conventional LCD screens that imperceptibly flicker 250 per second, BenQ eye-care monitors provide immediate relief from eyestrain.

4) Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology & Low Blue Light Plus Technology (B.I + Tech) – Detects ambience brightness and color temperature to match the environment. B.I + Tech effectively adjust brightness to avoid overexposure and enhances details in dark areas; furthermore the adjusted brightness and color tone can reduce eye strain due to harsh contrast and offer productivity.

BenQ’s eye-care monitors cater to a wide range of users, ranging from families at home and general office workers to creative professionals and video enthusiast. Specifically designed to enhance enjoyment and productivity in each intended application, BenQ eye-care technology preserves superb image quality and comfortable, healthy operation in extended viewing sessions without any concern for vision health.

To find out more about BenQ eye-care monitors, please visit BenQ.com.my & Lazada Malaysia BenQ Brand Store https://www.lazada.com.my/benq-official-store

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