Elevete Patisserie launches Chinese New Year Collections

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Chinese New Year symbolizes the start of a new year. In this year of the mighty tiger, Elevete Patisserie offers a refreshing Chinese New Year collection to cater for this festive celebration. From now until 19 February 2022, Elevete Patisserie’s Chinese New Year collection is ready to bring you happiness, great health and prosperity!

This Chinese New Year, Elevete Patisserie is launching its collection with a bang as many families are finally reuniting for the occasion ever since the pandemic. With that, the local patisserie encourages homebound Malaysians to bring hearty desserts home to share with their loved ones. Among the collection that is back by demand are their The Fortune Bar, Bundle of Treasure tiffin set, Bountiful Bites, Auspicious Cupcakes, and Hummingbird.

Among the items in the collection, we had decided to check out its Bountiful Bites. Bountiful Bites is the definition of cookie cake where you can eat cake that has similar tastes as cookies. It offers its signature Butterscotch Cookie Cake Bites which gives us the buttery taste and Red Velvet Cake Bites brings us the candies mandarin oranges definitely gives us a Chinese New Year taste.

Butterscotch Cookie Cake Bites
Butterscotch Cookie Cake Bites
Red Velvet Cake Bites
Red Velvet Cake Bites

As usual, Elevate Patisserie did not disappoint us this time too. Once we had the first bite of it, it makes us keep coming back for more. Within just hours, the whole Bountiful Bites has been completed vanished from our table. Definitely worth trying it out.

For the reunion of a big family or if you are celebrating with your friends and relatives, bring great wishes to them by ordering the Prosperity Pack, Fortune Pack or Great Abundance which gives you a bundle of discounts! Last but not least, Elevete Patisserie wishes all Gong Xi Fa Cai!

For more information, check out Elevete Patisseris Website at https://www.elevete.com.my/. Elevete Patisserie is also available on Cakerush, Cake Together, Eat Cake Today, Foodpanda, Beepit and Grab

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