Everyone eaten hotpot or steamboat before. But have you wonder how to eat hotpot like a celebrity? There were a few criteria to check on:

1) The soup base of the hotpot

The first thing that we would be asked when ever were in a hotpot restaurant is our preferred soup based. The normal hotpot restaurants will normally serves normal soup based such as chicken soup, pork soup and etc. A celebrity who eats hotpot normally would prefer something premium.

2) The ingredient of the hotpot

Sometimes when we were in a hotpot restaurant, we realized that the ingredient that they are serving are not fresh. But for a celebrity hotpot, the ingredients must also comes from premium category including the freshness of the ingredients.

3) The environment of the hotpot

Some hotpot restaurants that we saw are at the side of the road without air condition and some were not very hygiene too. As a celebrity of course these places will not be in their list. A great steamboat environment should be with a comfortable, clean and air conditioned. Of course private rooms will also be one of the main considering criteria.

Recently, eRayn3 has found a hidden hotpot restaurant located in Mont Kiara Verve Shop named Celebs Hotpot. As what the name is called. This place fulfilled all the above criteria. We found out that they have a very stringent selection up to cooking process to ensure that all the foods that they serve were hygiene and healthy. Celebs Hotpot used baking powder and vinegar with filtered water to wash all their organic vegetables.

Their soup based were all been cooked for 4 hours, mixed with premium ilberico oil and high quality omega fish. The owner also insist on NO MSG and Preservatives and NO process foods will be served in this restaurant.

Spicy Saba Fish Soup Seafood Set
Spanish Iberico BKT Set

They offers 8 types of different soup to go for their hotpot which includes the Organic Drunken Chicken Set (RM29), Vegetarian Set (RM29), Spanish Iberico BKT Set (RM39), Fresh Water Prawn Iberico Ribs Soup Seafood Set (RM33), Spicy Saba Fish Soup Seafood Set (RM45) and Organic Durian Chicken Hotpot (RM48). Something different isn’t it?

In these sets, the ingredients that they offers were all premium ingredients that normally being exported out to other country.

Celebs Hotpot have a privileged to get these kinds of quality products in the market as the owner’s relatives were the exporter of it. By getting these products from the relative, it makes Celebs Hotpot being able to offer such premium ingredients at a very very affordable price.

Japanese A5 Brisket, Iberico Collar and Iberico Half Belly
olive pork balls, Iberico Pork Balls, and Chicken Truffle Balls
Hamaguri Clams
Salted Egg Fish Skin
Chinese Pomfret

One more last thing, besides a great environment with private rooms, Celebs Hotpot also offer Karaoke to its diners for FREE.

To know more about Celebs Hotpot, check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/celebshotpot/

Celebs Hotpot

Address: L1-01 & 02, Level 1, Verve Shops Mont’ Kiara No. 8, Jalan Kiara 5 Verve Shops, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hour: 2pm-2am
Contact: 03-6411 0411

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