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As a full time working from home people, I understand that its hard for us to balance our work and also cooking meals for yourself and families. But now we do have some solutions from RTE by Nicsmann a Muslim friendly restaurant. We found out that they offers ready to cook meals for its fans to heat up at home in just 5 mins time.

Among some of the ready to cook packs that we have found from Nicksman ranging from Sous Vide Meal (Spicy Honey Chicken Chop, Honey Dijon Chicken Chop, Hawaian Chicken Chap, Classic Cajun Chicken Chop, Lemon Garlic Chicken Shop and Chimichuri Chicken Chop), Ready to Eat Premium (Premium Beef Rendang, Premium Mutton Masala, Japanese Lamb Curry and Chicken Bolognese) and its Ready to Eat Fried Rice (Kampung Fried Rice, Salted Egg and Chicken Sausage, Prawn Fried Rice, Shitake Mushroom, Dru Chilli with Minced Chicken, Garlic Fried Rice with Sliced Chicken, Mutton Masala Fried Chicken and Kimchi Beef Fried Rice). Nicsmann offers a very generous portion per pack 250 gram instead of what the market offers between 180-200gram.

You must be wondering whether how long these foods could be kept. The Souz Vide could be kept for 6 months in the freezers and the Ready to Eat meals can be kept for 3 months at room temperature too. So you do not need to worry that they had a short life span.

We have tried out one of each type of its meals and found it was super easy to cook and delicious too. We have boil the Premium Mutton Masala in a pot for 5 mins, remove it from the pack and it is ready to eat.

As for the Lemon Garlic Chicken Chop we had 3 options to cook it, to boil. pan fried or pan seers. We had chosen the easy way to boil it for 8 mins, remove the pack and we are done too. For the Kampung Fried Rice and Prawn Fried Rice, there are no choice but to fry it in the pan or wok. Just ass a little bit of oil and add the rice onto it to fry for 1 min and you are also done.

If you are running our of time and you wanted to cook like a Pro, RTE by Nicsmann’s Ready To Cook meals would be one of the meals that you would want to get. RTE by Nicsmann currently are running on a few promotions when you;

Purchase 10 packets FREE 2 Packet of Sous Vide Chicken Chops


Purchase 20 packets FREE 5 pieces Sous Vide Chicken Chops

At the sametime, you could also be enjoying 10% discounts + 10% cash back (auto turn into cash back on your next purchase) when you purchase RTE by Nicsmann meals with our CODE: ERAYN3 through Beep.

For more information on RTE by Nicsmann’s Ready To Cook meals, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RTE-by-Nicsmann-109158531384396 or order at https://www.nicsmart.com.my

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