Doughnuts and Sandwiches at US Bakes

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While we are still fighting with the pandemic, foods would be something that would cheer us up as Malaysians. If you like BiG Apple’s doughnuts, you are in luck. We have found one great doughnuts Muslim friendly with Halal ingredients’ restaurant that offers delicious Doughnuts and Sandwiches in town.

We have come across this restaurant on Instagram and found their food looks delicious. Hence we have decided to check out a few of its doughnuts and sandwiches.

For doughnuts, we had ordered Nutella Doughnuts, Buttercream Cheese Doughnuts and Pandan Kaya Doughnuts (of course with its Mixed Flavours Doughnuts set – 12 pcs) which uses 100% New Zealand Butter. Hmm… when speaking about that we could already imagine how tasty it would be :p

If you do not have a big group of people eating the doughnuts, the Mixed Flavours Doughnuts would be a good choice as you could try more flavours with this set. When opening the box we could already smell the doughnuts and it’s really up to our expectations. It was really delicious. The doughnuts were soft and fluffy (we believed that it was freshly made from the oven) and delicious too! Each of the flavours had been infused with. Different flavours aka personality. Depending on whether you like, sweet, salty or etc, they have it all for you. Don’t be tricked by its size. It was really filling if you eat 3 or more of it.

As for sandwiches, all of them looks delicious but we can’t try out all of them at a time. Hence we have ordered a Small Mix Flavour set (12 pcs) with Spicy Tuna Sandwich, Chicken Toast Sandwich and Tomyam Chicken Sandwich. We were surprised by its soft bread and the refreshing taste of the sandwiches. Each of the sandwiches had an open taste personality. If you would like a more mild taste, a Chicken Toast Sandwich would be the choice. If you like Tuna, the Spicy Tuna Sandwich would be perfect for you. Don’t worry about the “Spicy” on the sandwich. It was not spicy at all. And if you would love to have some spicy sandwiches, the Tomyam Chicken Sandwich will definitely be up to your expectation. We have finished the whole set in just 30 minutes of getting it. Can you imagine how delicious it is?

Of course when talks about Doughnuts and Sandwiches, beverages would also be one of the things that we could not miss. US Bakes also offers varieties of special beverages to be paired with these foods such as Kopi Lanjang. (Latte), Kopi LDR (Americano), Kopi Tikung (Tiramisu), Kopi Cemburu (Creme Brûlée), Kopi Ketus (Osmanthuus Coffee) and Kopi Patah Hati (Walnut). If you are not a coffee lover, you may also check out their Lekat (Chocolate), Sakit Hati (Honey Lime), Genit (Passion Fruit Yoghurt) or Centil (Lychee Yoghurt).

Their Croissant and Bomboloni looks delicious too! Maybe we should try it on our next order. We are confident that it would definitely be equally delicious as its Doughnuts and Sandwiches that we have tried. If you would like to know more, check out their Instagram at or to order.

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