It’s another month or so before the year ends, and another new one begins. And that means lots and lots and lots of festive seasons just around the corner!

That also means prepping the house, your work place or your equipment, to make them all clean and sparkly and gorgeous for the coming festivities, and to get yourself all ready for a good start to the coming new year.

However, one thing that frustrates most people when it comes to cleaning is stubborn grease or grimes. They’re unsightly, suggests that the owner of the place is less than conscientious in keeping clean — or just plain lazy — and can totally spoil what can otherwise be a beautiful setting for an Instagram-worthy moment.

Ever tried removing build-ups of grease only to end up exhausted yet achieving minimal results? Well, when you have serious work to do, you bring in the Specialist – WD-40® Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser. A water-based solution that quickly removes stubborn grease, oil, dirt, soap scum and grimy residues.

Its power foam works immediately in contact with the surface you want to clean, and is easy to rinse away. And it can be used on a variety of surfaces, including metal, exhaust hoods and flooring. And, is safe to use on metals, glass, plastics, rubber and aluminium, even painted surfaces!

For tough oil stains, leave for a few seconds to let the formula penetrate through, before wiping clean. It’s perfect for cleaning alloy wheels, tyre rims, and degreasing engine components.

This degreaser also complies with the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which aims to protect human health and the environment through the avoidance of restricted and dangerous substances like heavy metals and brominated fire retardants.

To find out more about the WD-40® Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser, visit

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