In this month of December, McDonald have launched a few new menu to target its different customers. Below are the new menu for this month:

masthead-grandbreakfastBIG Breakfast Lovers

d’GRAND PLATTER are specially prepared for those who likes to eat BIG Breakfast. The menu comes with a choice of Fried eggs OR Scramble eggs.


Cakoi Breakfast Lovers

Cakoi has been a breakfast food for many chinese. McDonalds has created a Cakoi set that comes with Soya and a choice an add on of porridge.


carouselbanner-2ba593cb37-2dfe11508658581871bd926245a49e1dBurgers Lovers

The yearly awaited Prosperity Burgers for burgers lovers are here. It comes with a choice of Chicken or Beef.



Sundae Lovers

Sunday lovers now can have more choices for sundaes. McDonald now offers HotCakes with Sundaes and Grovy Lime Sunday and McFurry.



Cheese Cake Lovers

Cheese Cake Lovers now could enjoy Cheese Cake Delights at McDonald. It has 2 new type of cheese cake to be offered; Strawberry Cheesecake and Reese’s Cheese Cake (contains Penuts).


Ice Cream Lovers

McDonalds now offers Hershey’s Chocolate Flavored Sundae Cone that comes with either Chocolate or Chocolate and Vanila Mix.



Green Tea Lovers

Not forgetting Green Tea Lovers, now you can enjoy Green Tea Latte either Hot or Frappe in McDonalds.


buildingblockpromotioncarousel-c69a94bcf0-27313a9dcc2cd1f54c08480c1afbed39Kids Loves

Not forgetting the treats for the kids. McDonals offers different types of blocks miniature for kids too.


Does any of these menu excites you?

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