Good news for Sze Chuan foods lovers! If you realized, there are many sze chuan’s restaurants are opening up in town.

This shows that there are increasing numbers of sze chuan’s food lovers in the market. There is a restaurant located at One Utama Shopping Center’s Ground floor that they offers Mala Sze Chuan’s Cuisines.

Don’t be fooled by it’s name Hotpot Kitchen. It is not actually a hotpot. It’s actually a Sze Chuan DIY meals for your enjoyment.

Hotpot Kitchen emphasize on delivering their foods fresh. Hence they are giving their customers a flexibility to select their favourite ingredients and level of spiciness.

Here’s how the DIY works:

1) Choose your ingredients (Vegetables&Meat)

Variety of our foodstuffs & ingredients are selected for its finest quality and freshness, thru high-tech sterilization, served in exhilarating platter filled with organic flavours and healthy cravings; NO Pesticides; NO Antibiotics and NO Hormones.












2) Choose your flavour

There were 4 types of flavours for visitors to choose from; Unique Platter – Stir-fried kung fu is very challenging! Our hotpot can taste the stir-fried of aroma, and allows us to the ingredients; Spicy Fragrant – Little spices always the perfect match to enhance your taste!; Spicy Dynamic – Half the spicy, all the taste. Double the pleasure, double the spicy! AND Spicy Xtreme – The extreme spicy flavour.

3) Pay your foods and wait for your meal

Originate from Sichuan, the hotpot ingredients are about a variety of flavours: Spicy Flowery (Sichuan peppercorns), salty, sour, sweet & smoky. Frequently all those flavours are combined in one dish. The result is a cuisine with an incredible depth and complexity of flavour, hitting all sense receptors in your mouth, nose and gastrointestinal system at the same time.

The flexibility of selecting your favourite ingredients and level of spiciness has become one of the iconic trendy menus for the youngsters today!

For more information on Hotpot Kitchen, you may visit their website at

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