Nested in Jalan Telawi Bangsar, there were one restaurant & bar that is facing the the main road (same row as Public Bank) which is named Knowhere.

Knowhere has been well known for it strikingly hypnotic space with a design to be different, lined with psychedelic murals of 13 keyholes that seem like doorways to other dimensions, beneath a ceiling that looks like a galaxy-spanning blanket of stars drawn by some local artist such as Faiz Zakaria and many more. That is how this restaurant & bar name being made.

When you are in this restaurant, you will be brought to another world through the keyholes. Beside the different world environment, they also serves some of the owners home recipe dishes for its guest to enjoy.

Birds of Paradise and Masala Chai Sour

It is the place you come to collect new memories, form new bonds, reminisce about the places you have been and still be reminded of your roots; incorporating global cuisine with Malaysian flavours of Knowhere. Its pork-free kitchen makes for an all inclusive environment allowing you to make new friends

Among the best seller dishes in Knowhere would be; Sambal Smoked Spaghetti, Grilled Mushroom Sandwich, Seared Salmon Vongole, Fumed Duck and of course not forgetting its signature drink Birds of Paradise and Masala Chai Sour.

Sambal Smoked Spaghetti
Grilled Mushroom Sandwich
Seared Salmon Vongole
Fumed Duck

For more information on Knowhere Bangsar, check out their facebook at

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