Rebrand packaging from blue to white label

Formerly known as Sito Oxgen by Avani Oxygen Water Corporation Sdn Bhd, has been widely recognized to assist in better health has been rebrand as Oxgen. The rebranding exercise was being carried out right after the change of new ownership.

After witnessing himself the result of the oxgen water has bring to the people, he has then decided to buy over the business with an aimed to improve people’s life. Upon taking over the business, the new owner has relooked into the processes in producing the Oxgen Water’s production processes and taken an initiative to improved the processes and quality control especially on the hygiene and hazardous workplace issues.

The Processes

Oxgen Water is being produced with a 7-Step Purification Process (technology from Canada) to produce Reverse Osmosis and to bring Extra Oxygen into the bottled water. The 7-Step Purification Process includes; Multimedia Filtration, KDF Filtration, Ozonation, Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and 2 special Oxygen Enrichment Process.

The result is an exceptionally smooth-tasting drinking water, which excels in purity and oxygen content. The benefits of oxygen to the human body are widely known. Oxygen absorbed by the blood helps to rejuvenate body cells and also eliminates toxins from the body and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria, thus fortifying the immune system. Oxygen also serves as an effective anti-oxidant to neutralise free radicals, thus enabling us to live more by being more active physically, less tired and less prone to illness. As a result, it has 5X more oxygen than tap water in the bottled water.

Filtration part of the 7 step purification process
Reverse Osmosis Process

Whats makes Oxgen so special? OXGEN is a premium bottled water of choice for athletes, sports and fitness advocates as well as those who place their families’ health ahead of all other concerns. It enables a high absorption on oxygen into the human body which could helps to:

1) Expel Toxins from the Body
2) Slows down aging processes
3) Enhances immune system
4) Increase blood oxygen levels
5) Neutralizes free radicals
6) Decreases tiredness
7) Improves concentration and alertness
8) Promotes growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria
9) Helps relieve headache
10) Improves digestion
11) Stabilizes pulse rate
12) Act as an antioxidant
13) Increase stamina

Oxgen Water is certified Halal by JAKIM and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP). Avani Oxygen Water Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is also a certified member of ABWA (Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association) and is the recipient of the prestigious “Certificate of Excellence in Manufacturing” award from 2004 to 2010 and 2013 to 2017. Its high quality water bottle to retain the oxygen level in the water even 72 hours after opening the bottle and the water bottle is recyclable.

Avani Oxygen Water Corporation Sdn Bhd has also been awarded by Malaysia Book of Records for being the first supercharged oxygenated drinking water in Malaysia. It has also received ABWA Award for Excellence in Manufacturing since 2004 – 2010 and 2013-2017.

Oxgen water can be purchased from selected pharmacies or directly from their factory at RM 3.80 – RM 4 (recommended retail price) for 355ml bottles. For more information, check out their website at or visit their facebook at

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