Delicious Steamboat BBQ Buffet at D’Kayangan

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There were many Steamboats and BBQ restaurants out there. We had tried out the Chinese Steamboats, Korean BBQ Grills, Japanese Shabu-Shabu, and many more. But this is the first time we had tried out a Malay-style steamboat and BBQ. What we can say is we had a great meal dining in this restaurant. The best thing about the concept was the ability for us to eat Steamboats and BBQ all at one time.

D’Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ have a range of fresh meats, seafood, frozen meat, noodles, eggs, and vegetables. The spread was not a lot but the food quality was good. To start with, you may choose 2 types of soup based on its steamboat; Tom Yum soup (default soup) or Chicken Soup (upon 1-day advance pre-order), head over to their buffet spread stations to select your favourite foods for your meal.

While cooking your own foods on your table, you may choose to dip the foods into the steamboat bowl or fry it on their side frying pan; depending on your preference. For us, we love both of it! LOL

If you are hungry, you could also grab some hot food at their hot food section which offers varieties of local dishes such as nasi lemak, kueh tiaw basah, mee hoon goreng and many more. This section was very appealing to elderly as they loves hot local foods!

Of course not forgetting about desserts! The most favourite time for your kids of course! You could get some delicious homemade cakes, fruits and ice creams to end your meal with too.

With the price of RM 29.90 for an adult, RM 24.90 for elderly age 61 above and RM 14.90 for kids between age 7-11 years old. D’Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ is one of the most affordable buffet that you could get in town.

If you are around Shah Alam, why not head on to D’Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ to try out their foods. You will definitely not be disappointed with the foods that you will be getting.

For more information on D’Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ, check out their Facebook at

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