Customised Your Event with Eastin Kuala Lumpur

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As the lockdown has been eased and most of us have been fully vaccinated. It’s time for us to get back to our normal lives. If you realised, many people have started to organize small events to start off with strict SOPs.

We had attended its Eastin Halloween event by the Pool and we are loving it. It’s a perfect venue to organize events and celebrations especially it’s an open-air venue. We realized that the Eastin Kuala Lumpur event team was very creative. They have perfectly created the event from the SOPs up to the little details on their decorations and even foods.

At Eastin Kuala Lumpur, they are also offering their services to assist in organizing events for its clients. Whether it’s small or even large events. If you are worried that by organizing yourself might not be able to comply with all government’s SOPs, Eastin Kuala Lumpur could help you with it.

At Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur had come out with a variety of concepts that cater to your family or even company needs. This time, we are there to celebrate Halloween party and they had decorated the whole theme just like it and it is indeed a great event or even you can have great fun spending with your love ones or friends and family.

Halloween Long Beans
Halloween Nuts with Red Sauce
Halloween Meatballs
Halloween Sliced Meat
Halloween Sliced Salmon
Halloween Starters
Halloween Pudding
Halloween Watermelon

For more information, contact Eastin Kuala Lumpur at +603 7665 1111 or email to [email protected].

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