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While we are stuck at home. Cooking for families has been a routine for most of us. Sometimes we would be running out of ideas and ingredients to cook too. Since we have been living with this lifestyle for almost 1 year and 6 months now, craving for other types of foods once in a while was the thing that most of us would be having now.

In order for the F&B outlet to survive, there were many F&Bs that had started to offer Ready to Eat or Ready to Cook meals for us to bring back home to cook. We have tested from Sauce/Paste up to Ready To Cook/Eat meals from different types of cuisines such as Local Malay, Chinese, and many more.

We never had tried any Japanese Ready to Cook meals before. Out of curiosity, we had searched online and saw one of the online marts which sell mainly Japanese and fresh/frozen seafood, dry ingredients, sauces/seasoning, and snacks; Sen Japan Seafood Mart online offering Ready To Cook meals to its customers. Without thinking further, we have ordered some of its Ready to Cook meals to try out.

We had ordered some starters like Chicken Gyoza (dumplings). While for mains we have got its Tamagoyaki, Ebi Tempura, Unagi Fish, Takoyaki Ball and a Takoyaki Sauce.

On top of that, we had also brought its Black Sesame Mochi to end our meal with a sweet dessert.

We pan-fried the Chicken Gyoza by adding a little water onto the frying pan to avoid it being over brunt for 5 mins and it is ready to be served. We have also steamed half of the Goyza to be a dip with soy sauce and ginger. Comes to our surprise the Chicken Gyoza was delicious. It even has some juice on the meat inside too.

We then deep-fried our Ebi Tempura for a better and crisper texture. To reduce the mess, you can also reheat it with a microwave/air fryer too. We love deep-fried foods hence we choose to deep-fry them. True enough the deep-fried method makes the Ebi Tempura really crispy on the outside and hot on the inside too! We had to reheat the Takiyaki sauce to pair with our Ebi Tempura which is a perfect match!

We then steam our Tamagoyaki to preserve the juicy texture of Tamagoyaki. Basically, the Tamagoyaki can be eaten chilled or reheat with microwave/air fryer/steam and pan-fried too. The Tamagoyaki is great to make Tamago Sandwich, Steamed Tamago, or as a topping for Donburi/Noodles or Sushi.

As for Unagi, we do not want to burn the Unago hence we have to microwave it for 5 mins to be paired with a bowl of hot rice. You can pan-fry or air fry it too if you like. What we could say is, we love this Unagi Fish which comes to our surprise that I don’t have any frozen taste on it. I guess this would be one of the ready-to-cook dishes that will always be on our list when we would like to cook some Japanese foods.

Finally, we pan fried the Takoyaki Ball to be paired with the Takoyaki Sauce that we brought togather. This was the best way to cook the Takoyaki Balls. This is also one of our favourite item that we like from Sen Japan Seafood Mart. The texture were soft and making us feels that it was freshly made on the Takoyaki pan. Paired with the Takoyaki sauce, it brings the Takoyaki into another level of taste experience.

Of course not forgetting the Black Sesame Mochi that we have ordered. This dessert is one of our favourites and it was very easy to get ready. Just deforms it and it is ready to be served. The Sen Japan Seafood Mart’s Mochi has a very generous filling and the skin of the mochi is soft and yummy too.

Sen Japan Seafood mart is a Japanese online grocer that provides over 120 products mainly Fresh and Frozen Seafood, Dry Ingredients, Seasoning, and Desserts! Most of its products are ready to cook. They are also offering FREE delivery with a minimum purchase of RM120 (For selected areas).

For more information, check out their Facebook:
or Instagram for more information or 🔸 Whatsapp to order.

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