Cleaning Your Home with Beko’s Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner

Lifestyle Slider Stick vacuums are the perfect tool for quickly cleaning bare floors and low pile carpets when you don’t have the time (or the energy) to lug out your heavier, full-size canister or upright vacuum. While we’ve always considered them great secondary vacuums, the stick vacuums we are testing this time; the Beko Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner cleans much better than models we’ve tested in the past. In fact, some even rival the deep cleaning performance of full-size vacuums. New models have more powerful, longer-lasting batteries and better brush rolls and attachments for deep cleaning. And when it comes to flexibility and convenience, they can’t be beaten: its Actiflex foldable tube makes cleaning hard to reach areas much easier. They can easily clean upholstery, stairs, and even the car. This Beko’s Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner is equipped with a 28.2V Li-ion removable battery which ensures quick charging and offers up to 45 minutes of cleaning time. Its TrayClean technology allows us to empty the dustbin (which could store 0.9L dust bin capacity) easily with a single release button. Meaning we do not have to touch any dirt.

What’s in the Box: The Beko’s Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner is equipped with;

  • Mini Turbo Brush
  • Soft Brush & Flexible tube
  • Crevice tool
  • Extra Hard Floor Roller
  • Portable and Wall Mounted Docking Station As Beko is one of the most reliable home appliances brands in the world, it does not come to our surprise that its Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner has also received iF’s Design Award in 2020.

Thanks to its special lock mechanism, the Beko’s Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner can stand on its own without falling to the floor. In order to perform at its best, Beko has equipped its Cordless Vacuum Stick Cleaner with a 165W suction power with 3 speeds for high-performance cleaning.

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