Chinese New Year is a get together celebration and a yearly dining activity for friends, families and also business associates.

The normal Chinese New Year dining sets menu in the market will normally caters to 10pax per set which sometimes it is hard for those small groups to benefit from it.

When you are having your Chinese New Year get together with friends of business associates, not all the time you would have 10 pax of people at one time. As the generation after generation goes by, families are also getting smaller and smaller. Most of the families especially those in the urban area might not even have 10 families members.

After receiving a overwhelming respond for small groups Chinese New Year set menu, Esquire Kitchen is bringing back its famous Prosperous New Year Menu to its guest.

Starting from 1st Jan 2019 – 19th Feb 2019, Esquire Kitchen will be offering 2 Chinese New Year set menus; RM 338 nett for 6-8 pax and RM 238 nett for 4-5 pax of diners.

The Esquire’s Prosperous New Year Menu offers 6 types of new year themed dishes;

1. Ong Lai Lai Fish – means “Luck come come”, a positive a welcoming word for everyone celebrating Lunar New Year. Another word for “Ong Lai” is Pineapple. A fragrant deep fried fish dish is tantalizing to everyone’s taste bud with the deep fried fish bathe in pineapple citrus sauce mix with red and green capsicum cuts.

2. Golden Oats Prawns – a must for all Chinese families during Chinese New Year. Prawns in Chinese is similar to the sound of laughing that symbolizes Happiness. A combination of deep fry oats with fresh chillies and medium sized prawns works perfect.

Ong Lai Lai Fish
Golden Oats Prawns

3. Golden Sesame Chicken in Lemongrass Sauce – deep fry chicken with sesame mixed batter which is combined with lemongrass sauce makes it extremely tasty.

4. Red Braised Pork Belly in Prosperous Sauce – pork belly braised in a special red sauce that brings up the swetness and soya flavour makeing it very addictive especially going with a bowl of hot white rice.

Golden Sesame Chicken in Lemongrass Sauce
Red Braised Pork Belly in Prosperous Sauce

5. Fortune Vegetables with Vege Abalone – stir fry baby kailan with baby abalone a combination of crunchy and juicy at the sametime.

6. Happy Beancurd & Mushroom with Cauliflower – a mixture of bean curd skins and mushrooms stir fried with cauliflower making it a perfect vegetable dish even for vegetarians.

Fortune Vegetables with Vege Abalone
Happy Beancurd
Yee Sang

Of course when comes to Chinese New Year we could not forget about the yearly Yee Sang toss. Esquire also offers Yee Sang for all its guest to have a toss of prosperity.

Selected Esquire Kitchen outlet is open on Chinese New Year eve lunch and dinner for reservations only and all of their outlets will be closed on first and second day of Chinese New Year.

Esquire Kitchen are available at 9 locations in Klang Valley.

For more information on Esquire Kitchen, visit their facebook at to their website at

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