Something new is coming to Aloft this year. In welcoming the year of the Boar, Aloft Kuala Lumpur have specially created a big spread of buffet highlights for its diners at Nook Restaurant.

Headed by the Hotel’s Executive Chef; Chef Ng Kok Wai, Nook will be featuring a variety of dishes synonymous to this meaningful festive occasion. These dishes includes Roasted Duck Fillet with Sesame Sour Lemon Chilli sauce, Hong Kong ‘Sha-Cha’ sauce with John Dory Fish Fillet, Braised Buddha Lo Hon with Pumpkin Puree, ‘Braised Chicken Feet with Seasonal ‘Nga Ku’, Stir-fried Squid Mongolian Style, Brown Stewed ‘Pak Lin’ Mushroom with Black Moss and Vegetable, Tiger Prawn in Herbal Broth, Peking Roasted Duck with Plum Sauce and Sweet Sauce, Roasted Marinated “Szechuan” Lamb Leg with Condiments, “ChongQing” Fragrant Hot Chilli Steamed Sea Bass and more on a rotational basis.

Nook’s dessert spread will also include delectable Chinese desserts include Sweetened Pomelo ‘Leng Chee Kang’ with Fruity Bean, Chilled Sweetened Blossom ‘Osmanthus’ Cake with Wolfberry, Chilled Snow Lotus with Peach Raisin and Longan and Sweetened Hot Black Jelly with ‘Caishen-ye’ Snow Fungus Broth which will also be served on rotation daily.

The spread will differ slightly for the Reunion Dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve and for the first day of Lunar New Year. On the Eve, the buffet spread will feature Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Braised Crab Roe Broth with Chicken, Wok-fried Chicken Slices with Pumpkin and Bonito Flakes, Golden Sand Prawn in Egg Mousse, Braised Golden ‘Ingot’ Dumpling with Black Fungus and Shimeiji Mushroom, Brown Stewed Sea Cucumber and ‘Tau Kan’ with Cauliflower, Steamed Red Mullet with Szechuan Hot Chilli Dressing, Oven Roasted Fortune Eight Treasure Duck, Chilled Snow Lotus with Peach Resin and Longan Syrup and Shanghainese Fried ‘Nian Gao’ with Yam.

Roasted Marinated “Szechuan” Lamb Leg with Condiments
Smoked ‘Hau-Si’ Curry Roasted Duck with Chestnut Toppings
Tiger Prawn in Herbal Broth
Wok-fried Chicken Slices with Pumpkin and Bonito Flakes
Fried Rice
Brown Stewed Sea Cucumber and ‘Tau Kan’ with Cauliflower
Braised Golden ‘Ingot’ Dumpling with Black Fungus and Shimeiji Mushroom

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Nook’s buffet will include the Jelly Fish ‘Yee Sang’, Braised Seaweed Fresh Corn Broth with Pumpkin, Smoked ‘Hau-Si’ Curry Roasted Duck with Chestnut Toppings, Braised Village Mushroom Chicken with Enoki and Dried Bamboo Pits, Golden Fish Paste Stuffed Bean Curd with Black Moss, Brown Stewed ‘Pak Lin’ mushroom with Black Moss and Vegetables, Steamed Treasure Chicken in Herbal Jus, Teriyaki Baked Vegetarian Sesame ‘Char Siew’ Chicken with Plum Dip, Sweetened Hot Black Jelly with ‘Caishen-ye’ Snow Fungus Broth and Chilled Sweetened Blossoms ‘Osmanthus’ Cake with Wolfberry.

Of course no Chinese New Year spread will be complete without the prosperity toss of the Yee Sang. Nook’s Jelly Fish Yee Sang will be available on the buffet line at the DIY Yee Sang station. Nook’s Lunar New Year buffet dinner during this period is priced at RM118 nett per adult.

Jelly Fish Yee Sang
DIY Yee Sang

For those who wanted some privacy or a traditional round table in a private setting with a set menu can do so by booking tables in our event and function spaces. Executive Chinese Chef Ng Kok Wai has created three menus featuring a combination of traditional and modern dishes for an exciting dining experience.

The Propitious Menu is a 6-course set priced at RM 1,688.00+ per table. The menu consists of the Endless Wealth Yee Sang, Classic Sesame Ginger Chicken, Szechuan Garlic Chilli with Red Snapper, Black Moss Duo Bean Curd, Olive Pumpkin Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf and Double Boiled Red Date with Snow Pear.

Diners looking for more variety can opt for the Blissful Menu, an 8-course set menu priced at RM1,888.00+ per table. It features the Blooming Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon, Double Boiled Shell Abalone Broth, Teriyaki Roasted Wild Chicken, Pearl Duo Garlic Sea Bass, Golden Threaded Mongolian Tiger Prawn, Garden Green Pumpkin Pot and Pine Nuts, Homemade Wax Duck Lotus Leaf Rice and Chilled Aloe Vera with Oolong King Tea.

Alternatively, diners can select the Lunar Opulent Menu, another 8-course set priced at RM2,088.00+ per table. The menu offers the Golden Fortune Yee Sang with Abalone and Salmon, Braised Fish Maw Broth, Home-baked Orange Wild Duck, Cordycep Flower Steamed Red Mullet, Tiger Prawn with Fermented Garlic Crumb, Bean Curd Bar with White Mushroom and Premium Aloe Vera Duck Fried Rice and Sweetened Peach Resin in Soy Bean.

For more information or reservation, call +6 03 2723 1188 or visit

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