Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park’s two talented chefs, Daniel Bucher and Alfred Merkel, earned winning titles from “Global Food & Beverage Associate Challenge”, under the topic of “The Coolest Thing You Cooked or Stirred in 2018”, hosted by Marriott International that awarded winning food and beverage creations by 18 culinary talents among contestants from 450 hotels all over the world.

Marriott International recently rolled out “Global Food & Beverage Associate Challenge”, under the topic of “The Coolest Thing You Cooked or Stirred in 2018” competition, inviting food and beverage teams from more than 450 hotels around the world to create culinary marvels fueled by art, creativity and storytelling to win over the judges. This year saw 18 chefs crowned winners from 450 contestants, and two of the winners are talents from Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

Daniel Bucher, Executive Senior Sous Chef, is passion about growing his own green. “It’s like printing your own money”, he would say. Chef Daniel won the competition with “Hydroponic Garden | A Holistic Coffee Break”, where he builda coffee corner with hydroponic garden. While the guests savor their cups of coffee, they can also relax their minds with the sound of water flowing and pick the greens they like – from arugula, French mesclun, Asian mizuna and wasabi leaf – to make a fresh bowl of salad right on the spot. Chef Daniel believes that growing your own vegetable and on-site farming are the big trend in 2019.

As for Chef Alfred Merkel, Executive Pastry Chef, won the judges over with “Pastry Heaven – A Trip to A Heavenly Bakery”, a bakery in heaven. Upon entry, guests will be embraced by white, fluffy clouds and greeted with insatiable bakery aroma. A true secret world every child dreams of, another wow factor is the array of 22 sweet items Chef Alfred and his team create. Highlight is the soft chocolate cake “Willy Wonka” that spans 60cm in diameters and stands 120cm tall. “A small sweet slowly becomes less and less interesting. But the big thing makes you say WOW,” the chef said.

Experience the award-winning creations from “Global Food & Beverage Associate Challenge” by Chefs Daniel Bucher and Alfred Merkel at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. For more information, call +66 (0) 2 059 5999 or email

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