Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Full Review After 2 weeks of trying the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite out, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the tablet and its performance in this article. Below are some of the highlights that we think might be useful for you to take note of when considering buying the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

First Impression on Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Previously we had reviewed Samsung's Galaxy S7. A premium table by Samsung. This time we are checking out on it's newly launched mid-range Galaxy A7 Lite to take care of online learning, videoconferencing and watching films. Below are some of our first impression of this budget tablet.

Easy and Affordable Way to Get Better Wi-Fi Coverage at Home: Our Review on Tenda Nova MW5C In Malaysia, the modem that has been provided by our local internet providers are not sufficient enough to cover our home if you are staying in a double-story home or larger. You will definitely found some dead spots in your home that did not receive any wifi signal.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: The Biggest, Thinnest and Fastest Samsung Tablet

In early August, Samsung announced the new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. These tablets are premium and designed to compete with the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro. The new Android tablets target the high-end tablet market. These tablets look more like a PC replacement than a tablet for just reading or watching videos.

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